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More talk of Tito leaving the company

I’ve made it my mission to track Tito Ortiz’s statements regarding signing with the UFC along with Dana White’s comments regarding Tito Ortiz being a loser. When Tito Ortiz finally leaves the UFC, I’ll post up a graph showing my groundbreaking theorem: that owners who treat workers like shit don’t keep the workers. I’m sure it will be a groundbreaking revelation to Dana White and all executives who have never worked a shitty job for an asshole boss.

The latest comment from Tito:

Tito Ortiz: The next fight will be my last and then I’m a free agent. Then I’ll make the decision with to stay with the UFC or go elsewhere. What are your feelings on that?

Tito Ortiz: My gut feeling is to stay with the UFC, but negotiating with Dana [White] is such a hassle that it could be a waste of my time. It’s such a headache. The guy lies all the time. It’s non-stop. I don’t know. I talked to Lorenzo Fertitta a week or so ago and things went well so I may just work with him and hopefully create a big business venture with him and get it done. So you are still having problems with Dana?

Tito Ortiz: Yeah, it’s just one of those things you know? Dana just wants to be a superstar.

  • intenso

    yeah Tito has such a shitty job.

  • Matt

    Tito is a FAAg

  • DJ Hapa

    Both those guys can dissapear. I won’t miss Dana and his attitude or Tito and his out of date G & P.