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Mousasi’s training sounds like it kinda sucks

Mousasi has looked like a bit of a mess since he started fighting in the States. Sure, we could just chalk this up as one more superstar from the Japanese scene learning his real place on the international ladder of hard knocks. But I’ll still hold onto the hope that Gegard is just struggling through a rough patch and will return to form with a little help. Specifically in his training:

“I think, because I don’t have good training. I have only one trainer. And that’s wrestling, they were helping me with technical wrestling. But I don’t have a conditioning trainer, I don’t have a standup trainer, I don’t have a jiu-jitsu trainer. I don’t have any good sparring partners, high level. I don’t have a nutrition(ist). I don’t know what all these other fighters have. I mean, I think there’s a huge (room for) improvement there. Next fight I’m going to train in the US with a good camp.”

At least he seems to understand his issues. “My training sucks, I am lazy, I do not take this things serious enough.” Jeez, Gegard. Leave some shit-talking to us, will you?

  • iamphoenix

    Besides his horrible training, why does he sucks the dicks in the bag so much?

  • Reverend Clint

    maybe he should find these people… oh wait he’s Armenian and stupid

  • CAP

    He needs to get together with Roy Nelson.  He might have a spare bedroom open.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    I know this is left field and he’ll probably end up with Zahabi or somethin’, but what about Alpha Male? 

  • fightlinker

    If he combines gokor for judo / grapplin and hendo for striking / wrasslin that’d be a pretty good combo

  • thingvolds

    oh please. that was a good fight, he showed some great takedowns, big gnp, and nice stand up. all this bullshit about him looking like shit and being a disappointment is a hater fest due to him being A. previously associated with fedor’s camp B. being in strikeforce and C. a hyped prospect.

    he beat the shit out of st preux in that first round, nearly finishing him with some big shots in the last seconds. had him in trouble a few other times too. besides giving up a couple bad positions while looking for his own positions, mousasi was never in trouble the entire fight.

    the people constantly criticizing mousasi should just come out and say “we don’t like mousasi”, rather than try to justify thier hard on for him.

    i’m starting to see the mousasi hate thing is similar to the obama hate thing, where people obvioulsy just don’t like obama because he is a black man in power, so they justify it by nitpicking over silly things like his starting a war in libya after campaigning as the peace president, or his total failure to bring transparency or rid the white house of lobbyist influence, or his diabolical fast and furious gun control scheme which has backfired epically and really warrants an impeachment. or it’s even similar to how ron paul claims arabic and muslim nations hate us because we constantly invade their lands or install puppet dictators, when the truth is they really just hate us for our freedoms, as the great leader gwb told us.