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Moving to a new server

  • Letibleu

    Is this why the site has been going down often the past 24 hours? Not that I come here often.. Just saying…

  • scissors61

    so who takes over when ryan gets eviscerated trying to restart the main generator? after all, even nedry knew better than to disable the raptor fences. 

  • Letibleu

  • agentsmith

  • CAP

    I figured something was up. Or this place is really falling apart.

  • Omomatta

    So……..does the new server have a “My Forums” button?

  • FiveBoltMain

    ^ Good question.

  • G Funk

    Not a good question but a funny sarcastic one Butters. This server really sucked, many times I had to view the offline version of the site. Yay Ryan! Now about the ‘my forums’ tab…

  • agentsmith

    Yesterday it was going down more than Jenna Haze.


    That’s my Schiavello impression, how’d I do?

  • Danjo

    Chubby bubbles girl is not pleased.

  • G Funk

    Agent you sounded more like Renaulo


    You can post pictures in the comments section now? How do you do that?

  • subo

    This soight has moar prowblems than moi ex-garlfreend!

  • glassjawsh

    on sunday Zues from middle easy was talking about a “major” mma site switching their servers to sweden to avoid copyright infringement problems. methinks he may be on to something……

  • agentsmith

    @ GFunk:  Nah, that’s The Voice.  I was watching some Japanese fight awhile back where he said: “He’s been on his back more than Jenna Haze!”

    More triangles than band camp!  More hooks than a pirates convention!

  • Omomatta

    Where’s DJ Thunderbiscuits? I thought he was fixing the “My Forums” button. Listen FL, I’m old….and more than anything I’m lazy and impatient. I literally do not view 1/3 of the threads that I would if I actually had the “My Forums” button in hand.

    And let’s be honest……..I almost bought some MaxClarity skin foam yesterday through FL’s link but then I thought about my lack of “My Forums” button, so I went over to Five Ounces of Pain and clicked the link through their site.

    Yeah, true story.

  • FiveBoltMain

    Hey! I finaly got the raptor reference. That pic is from Jurrassic Park. So it took me a while. SUE ME!!!!!

  • Komodo

    New server. Cool as fuck.




  • iamphoenix

    what city are you moving to again ryan?

  • Marley Marl

    What server did you move to? The old one was a host gator one right??