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Mr Menieres messes with Dana in Ireland


Dana White was in Ireland yesterday to receive an honorary award from the Trinity College Philosophical Society – my guess is it was for his groundbreaking work in expanding the use of the word ‘fuck.’ You can watch the video of the Q&A from the event after the jump but this post is more about the bout of Meniere’s he suffered near the end. He had to be helped off the stage and was forced to cancel a planned pub visit to buy a few rounds for all the Irish patiently waiting for a UFC event of their own.

Fortunately, it’s too early to say Dana is one of the 30% of people the surgery he underwent doesn’t help … it will apparently take a few months to determine if his operation will ‘take.’ The bad news: bouts of Menieres can be triggered by air travel, which is obviously something Dana does quite a bit. Considering his surgery was three weeks ago, maybe he should have considered sitting this UK trip out. I’m pretty sure the universe will survive a lack of Dana at this weekend’s FUEL card.

(comic by Kyle Hasse via Middle Easy)

  • kwagnuth

    Well I hope he gets better I had a scare about a year ago and I still wonder if I have it. It usually hits hard and fast but sometimes it creeps up and sometimes it only hits about once a year. The only good thing about him getting this is it will bring awareness to the disease because alot of people are ignorant to what it is and how bad it is.