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My dedication to that journalism stuff

For those of you who are saying “Wah wah, the Rich Bergeron interview is too long, I can’t pay attention to anything longer than 20 minutes that doesn’t have nipples attached”, I say you really really should go take a listen! Not just because it’s interesting and 6 months from now when the story blows up you’ll feel really smart for being in the know, but because of the hardships I endured recording this for you.

As you know, I like to losen up for radio shows by downing several beers and energy drinks. I call it my ‘upper downer mixer’ … it’s fucktastic. Unfortunately halfway through the interview I had to piss – like cold chills and shaking legs piss. I didn’t want to interrupt Rich … we were right in the middle of some really good stuff. I’d quantify it as ‘Radio Magic’, even. So rather than stop the interview I peed in the top of a cd spindle. For you guys.

So go check out the interview. Make my pee shame worth it.

  • dignan

    Holy fuck you’re awesome.

  • kentyman


  • Jackie Chiles

    Lo-Carb monster with Bud Diesels…nice combo.

  • Higgz

    Oh man! I listened to that whole thing on my laptop and pissed and crapped while doing so. That means we inadvertantly became Poddy Pals!

    Does this mean we’re in a gay relationship now? I’m not okay with that. Do you want to be the BIG spoon or the LITTLE spoon?

    Ah damn it all!!!

  • winklepicker

    How’d you get your wang to fit into that spindle?

  • kentyman

    iPoddy Pals.

    You should drink that spindle.

  • RL Dookiefuck

    haha jesus christ

  • Lifer

    I’m salivating.

  • Teufel

    On the bright side, at least you didn’t need to take a shit.

  • Zheroen

    I swear on my life that I thought the substance in the spindle was Budweiser instead of urine. Which is telling, IMO.

    Seriously, you and Jake live in the land of Moosehead, and you’re drinking our American pee-water beer? Come on!

  • dulljake

    i drink moosehead all the time. i don’t drink budwiser unless it’s seriously cheap. Still, if you want us to drink the premium shit, we need to make more than zero dollars. I just spent 60 bucks on art supplies alone tonight for this shit!

  • The Citizen

    Great fucking job with that interview. This raises the quality of this site tremendously. Keep pissing, and thank you for Leslie Neilson.

    The Citizen

  • Vale Nada

    Fightlinker, you SERIOUSLY need to check out that Trigg article on junkie…I cannot believe they would post some of the most asinine, elementary-leveled shit-for-brains posting like this dude just did. If you thought Iole was bad, this guy is asking for a ass-f$##!&.

  • Vale Nada

    And fuck, at least you allow us to post shit!!!Even if it’s directed towards you (although you’re laced with genious in a fucked up sort of way)…I guess that shit pile stacked too high after 25 postings….

  • Random Acts Of Kindness

    I second the recommendation to “critique” Trigg’s work. Here’s his introduction: With his unmatchable charisma, incredible wit, and constant promotion of his (nightmarishly horrible) radio show and clothing line (LOL), he’s quite the addition to the junkie! Add to it the fact that junkie covers things like BET’s pathetic, rapper-filled “MMA” show (, and blesses the internet with insight into the life and career of Sean “Crane Kick” Salmon (, and you have a good blog gone bad. You’d think with all those advertisers they could afford a logo or something. How far the mighty have fallen… leaving the door open for Jackalism to pick up the e-blogging slack.

  • Wayne

    Journalist’s don’t piss in spindles.

  • Johnny

    That was a fantastic interview. I started listening and couldn’t stop.

  • Heydre

    Hey Wayne,
    It’s “journalists” asshat….


    How ironic, as your radio show is piss poor.

  • Rich Bergeron

    You ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Tomorrow the guilty parties will be singing, “Good-bye Ruby Tuesday.”

  • Rich Bergeron