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My God this Pettis

Check out this fan video giving some love to Anthony Pettis’ amazing cartwheel kick attempt on Donald Cerrone. People who aren’t impressed because ‘it didn’t land’ are missing the point. Just the fact that we have fighters like Pettis in the UFC not only trying but regularly hitting these insane kung-fu movie moves is fucking amazing.

Bonus Pettis content after the jump: Alistair Overeem doing a Pettis kick!

  • FightlinkerFan

    It’s an old muay Thai kick, the one Pettis attempted. His mistake was that he drove to the side, and not in, with the kick. If you want to see a fighter who can use it effectively, and virtually trademarked the damn thing, look up Saenchai the legendary Thai boxer.

  • phil baroni

    thats kids super sick

  • PhilMcKraken

    How fucking fast is Pettis?!? If Cerrone’s knee hadn’t pushed him back a bit it would have landed too.