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Mystery farter at UFC 77

BREAKING NEWS! BREAKING NEWS! Apparently somebody farted during Joe Rogan’s post-fight interview with Anderson Silva. The fart is approximately 10 seconds in, right after Joe Rogan says “and his translator Ed Sourza, uh…”. It took me a few watches of the above video to hear it but once you notice it, it’s hard to miss.

Of course, the Internets were born specifically for moments like this, and it only took a few days for this story to become bigger than the Randy Couture situation and the Chuck / Wanderlei fight. I’m not sure if it’s bigger than Brock Lesnar, mainly because farting and pro wrestlers are of equal interest to fucking retards across the web.

Here’s one thing, though: Joe Rogan denies he was the farter.

I can’t believe this thread and topic are still alive, but here goes: I didn’t fart, and I wasn’t aware of a fart or a fart noise until reading about it on the net. I’m not even sure that’s real, but from the look on Ed’s face it really does seem like he heard something. If it was me, I would have had to laugh and apologize :)

  • kermit.01

    I can’t hear it, but I’m at work, so I can’t crank the audio.

  • Shaun

    I think this story is beneath this site… Yes that’s how bad this story is.

  • Matto

    no way in hell that was a fart. it was somebody blowing out their breath. if you listen to the original audio, it comes from was over the left side of the mike and comes out the left speaker.

    if that was a fart then the guy has an arsehole like a clown’s pocket.

  • fightlinker

    It was worth it to burn Lesnar

  • John

    Can’t argue that

  • John

    Sucks that Lesnar has to cut all that weight that he gained on HGH. Seems like a waste of steroids

  • ABM!2!

    Joe Rogan looks fucking ripped!

  • jazzn

    Finally something important. So sick of hearing about the Dana – Randy krap. I think you should do a special feature on the Fart Heard Around the World. I mean it’s not even the Fart any more. Is The Fart. Keep up the coverage. Maybe a separate web site. Fartlinker.

  • Shoutfan

    Ha…I think Rogan Sharted!

  • Kieth Jardine

    Someone probably hacked the wireless mic frequency and played Bill Gates at the Mac convention audio.

  • Rory

    It was Silva!

  • Matto

    I laughed harder at Franklin mumbling something like “Go with God” to the guy who just rearranged his facial features for the second time.

  • Nate

    I did it. I was in the upper deck and had a few to many Mickey’s. I didn’t think the mic would pick it up, but shit happens.

  • Hywel Teague

    The translator’s name is Ed Soares.

    He is basically manager to Anderson Silva, Lyoto and Big Nog (among other Bolach House guys) and is the boss of Sinister fight clothing. He is super rich and powerful, but is such a nice guy its unreal

  • ajadoniz

    lol its like an easter egg on a dvd or a game. i didnt hear it until 5 plays through… wow ppl are easily entertained, including me.


    Doesn’t really sound much like a fart… to me at least

  • Jeffy :D

    lol, It was Silva. Well, I think. Because my mom has a TV that is fairly big and if you look, Silva tenses his muscles. Plus, my mom has TiVo, and I paused the TV in the middle of the fart and Silva has his leg somewhat cocked.

  • Mister Akme

    The fart has been edited in….poor job at that too.

  • Smashy Smash

    Was there an elephant in Joe’s Pants? That would be the only way unless he sharted.