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Na na na na, na na na na, heeeeeeey….

goodbye! (if you Google “Gus Johnson lipstick”, this is the first image).

The patron saint of March Madness buzzer-beaters will not be calling the NCAA tournament next year. has learned that CBS Sports recently parted ways with Gus Johnson, a play-by-play

mainstay on its college basketball coverage for 16 years, after the two sides could not agree on a new deal. Johnson has also worked as a play-by-play voice for the network’s NFL coverage since 1998.

This is great news for the ocular cavities of sports fans of all stripes.  I can see it now – next year at the NCAA Tournament, you’ll have a play-by-play guy, a color commentator and a bullhorn occupying the seat where Johnson used to sit, set to spontaneously go off during the final 105 seconds of any/every game, regardless of the score.  The NFL Network will apparently cease its idocy at Matt Millen (who has made me violently angry at my television) and Joe Theismann (who taught Jon Gruden everything he knows about being relentlessly positive about every player on the field).


For us MMA fans, it’s a double win – not only do we lose Gus (“GENTLEMEN, WE’RE ON NATIONAL TELEVISION!”), we probably gain Pat Miletich, a diamond in the rough that will no longer be left to toil on Challengers cards.  Oh, this is just great news.  I’ve written about how SF’s trio is the worst in all of sports, and this took away one toxic component of that revolting Voltron.  All we need is Mauro Ranallo to get caught sleeping with Frank Shamrock (in, like, a school playground) and we’re on the verge of a decent announcing crew!

Gus, you’re fucking terrible at announcing.

  • Billytk

    Damn I got excited for a second there I thought Subo was actually going to do everyone a favor and leave, unfortunately that turned out to be just wishful thinking :( way to get my hopes up just to be let down.

  • subo

    You thought I was going to do everyone a favor?

  • NoFlegraPor

    I’m with you Derek, Gus sucks. Honestly, I wish they would hire Jordan Breen for some color. I’m a fan.

  • Reverend Clint

    i hope who ever hired that carnival tranny was strapped to a chair and light on fire

  • glassjawsh

    none of you are college basketball fans. he is widely regarded as one of the top two or 3 play by play guys in the sport and I will miss him during the tournament. still doesnt make up for him not knowing jack about mma but subo looks like an uninformed dick when he makes blanket statements about things he has no business talking about.

  • Jarman

    “Gus, you’re fucking terrible at announcing.”
    hear hear. he will not be missed.

    Clint, that’s just fucked up. Carnival Trannies everywhere have just been degraded. At best he’s a street corner tranny, and that’s pushing it.

  • Letibleu

    Glass, do they play africanamericanball in the cage? No, didnt think so. He is not for MMA. Maybe Joe Rogan would suck calling hockey.

    Here is my contribution

  • Symbul

    Damn, a subo post I agree with. Wtf?

  • subo

    I hate Johnson calling Tourney games and the NFL. He is garbage.

  • Shibo

    I almost agree except for the part about Pat Miletich being worth a damn. That part is completely wrong.

  • subo

    He’s not the worst by any stretch of the imagination.  Much better than Shamrock.

  • Mixed Martial Adam

    Watching Gus Johnson in HD is fucking scary. His knowledge of MMA is frightening and he looks like a cartoon character brought to life. Thanks for the effort but good riddance.


  • Letibleu

    not much photoshop required to make this one funny

  • Symbul

    By “not much” you mean “no”.

  • frickshun

    I try to watch Strikeforce muted anyway.

  • CAP

    And get the fuck out of my Madden game too while your at it.
    (still waiting PSN…)

  • SST

    The irony of this post is killing me.

  • lukustra

    mauro is a terrific announcer. he knows mma. stop being a fanboy.

  • Night Rider

    I have to say as a long time Fightlinker-lurker I really never thought I would post, Hell I only have this login because of my recent decision to become a star member.


    But Holy Shit about Fucking time and Thank You, to whoever finally spilled the beans on that whole Gus knows fuckall about mma thing. (his weird descent into his recent little old lady look has been interesting though.) Now all we have left In strikeforce is the underlying hate between any and all commentators, Mauro’s Mixture of loud random outbursts and futile attempts to launch a career as a comedian,and the eternal duel between Frank Shamrock’s braces and his cracked lips. I mean fucking really is he trying out for a role as Jaws in an upcoming Bond film I’m unaware of ?

  • subo
  • frickshun

    NightRider–>nice avatar!!

  • Rejanne

    Dan hardy is a good fighter but he was just pluery out classed on every level, n gsp knows how to fight smart, why would he stand with dan and possibly get caught? when he can just stay safe by putting hardy on his back and keeping him there.

  • fcdamms

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