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Nate Diaz gives Cerrone the Diaz treatment

When the UFC announced Nate Diaz versus Donald Cerrone (aka “Battle of the Lanky Assholes”) at UFC 141, you had to know these two would have some things to say about each other.  Neither one comes across as the friendliest of folks, so it took a surprisingly long time for any gossip to get around about some kind of shit-talking between them.

Cowboy finally broke the silence on ESPN Radio yesterday, and CagePotato has the transcript:

”Leonard’s my best friend; he’s my brother and he was over there talkin’ to the dude — if someone doesn’t like you, you’re not gonna talk to their best friend, you know what I’m sayin’… you’re not gonna hang out with them — so Leonard’s over there talking with the dude, and I said, ‘Oh shit, I’ll go over there.’ They were laughing and joking around so when I go over and introduce myself and go, ‘What’s up Nate? I’m ‘Cowboy,’” Cerrone explained. “He fuckin’ slapped my hand away and called me a punk-ass motherfucker and told me to ‘get on.’ I was like, ‘Shit, alright.’ I don’t know what to say to the dude. I don’t know what his point… I guess he doesn’t want to be cordial. He just wanted to be a punk and… go ahead.”

“I was getting ready to fight Dennis Siver and then he walked away. He just took off after that. It kind of caught me by surprise. I don’t know anything about the guy. I just know that [he and Nick] just wake up pissed off all the time for no reason. It just seems like they’re always mad. Whatever he does to get his mind ready for the fight, it must be it.”

That’s pretty much how I read the Brothers Diaz too… you get the impression they’re not particularly affable under the best conditions, but it seems like they need to hate their opponent in order to work themselves up for the fight, so they just convince themselves to dislike the guy for no particular reason.  And if even Cowboy Cerrone thinks you’re a dick, then yeah, you’re very likely a rather large dick… like John Holmes size.

  • reggin1

    First of all … It’s Nate Diaz … not Nick. Second of all … this is old news.

    Thanks for your contribution “agentsmith”

  • glassjawsh

    and there’s a real piss drinking bet, involving someone who contributes to this site, that that person will actually go through with (unless it’s subo, because he’s totes a sand blasted vageen) that should be front paged.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Agent, peep the countdown video where they cover this.  Nate doesn’t like cats in his weight class coming up to him and talking to him.  He considers everyone in his weightclass to be his enemy.  Time embedding doesn’t work too well with this vid for some reason, so you’ll have to manually skip to 6:51

  • thingvolds

    i used to see all the cesar guys except david terrell in the bay area when i lived there years ago. they were all super nice. when they came to train at fairtex a few times they were professional and polite to everyone. i’m not sure why everyone is so wrapped up in fighters who are about to or may soon fight one another needing to be all cordial and classy to one another. this is one of those strange ideas that these weird people who swear mma is a sport and not a fight always have. i can’t stand those people.

  • iamphoenix

    nate/nick same thing.

  • agentsmith

    First of all … It’s Nate Diaz … not Nick.

    Fuck, fixed.

    As for “old news”, the quoted interview was yesterday.

  • Blackula Jonez

    Thanks for the article and picking up the holiday slack Smith.

    And this seems to be more par for the course with the Diaz bros, this is how they act towards opponents.

    Even when Nick fought BJ he rarely said anything inflammatory towards him but got right in his face during the weigh in.

    This is how the Diaz bros get themselves hyped for fights.

  • Reverend Clint

    Can they both die in the cage plz!!!!!

  • Letibleu

    cowboy and nate have talked about this incident for about 3 weeks now at least.

  • G Funk

    So Cerrone’s introduction is, “What’s up? I’m cowboy.”?


  • iamphoenix

    ^ yeah…speaking of that, this morning i get a few texts with merry christmaz sayings and such… This one dude signs off with his rank. Motherfucker, youre on leave, at home, your name isnt your rank bitch. Gaawwww

  • CAP

    Looking forward to this fight! And the golden shower to follow.