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Need a shirt for UFC 77?

  • Swedish guy

    No way man rich is gonna eat the spider up yeah RICH FTW!!!

    No seriously, I will purchase one of these garments.

  • Teufel

    hahaha… classic.

    It’s actually really hard to say what will happen with Franklin/Silva 2, just look at what happened with Couture/Liddell 2, GSP/Hughes 2, Sylvia/Arlovski 2, Hughes/Penn 2, Pulver/Penn 2. I don’t like Franklin’s chances, but I won’t be shocked if he somehow pulls out a win, especially considering how he destroyed Tanner, Quarry and Loiseau and gave MacDonald and ass whuppin’ recently. But, then again none of those guys he beat is Anderson Silva…

  • Adam

    Rich by intimidation. :)

  • garth

    Anderson’s too far past these guys right now. he could get caught, just like anyone else. I wonder if rich has been training his flying scissor heel hooks?

  • fightlinker

    Do you think 1974 – 2007 is good or is UFC42 – UFC77 funnier?

  • garth

    either one is pretty good. the ufc-ufc one is more “insiderish”, which makes it a little dark-elfy

  • o51r15

    Ohh come on you guys are killing me. I’ll be at 77 in October and I’m a Rich fan all the way. I think the fact he got overwhelmed in the first fight people are writing him off to soon. I have a feeling his going to come out and suprise everyone.

  • Mr. Theplague

    I really hope that rich will be picking his nose up off the mat after 77, but he knows about that pesky clinch now, so you never know. Maybe Jesus will corner him.

  • Thomas

    I say Rich will win this fight by lay and pray. His Only chance

  • Andrej

    Rich Franklin/Anderson Silva fight will end up like Tito Ortiz/Ken Shamrock 2,3 joke. They need Dan Henderson or a Matt Lindland or even try and con Paulo Fihlo in fighting Anderson Silva.

  • kentyman

    “UFC42 – UFC77″ is funnier to me.

    I’m calling Silva by air ukulele.