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News Flash from Dana White: People Don’t Like Something about Jon Jones’ Personality

News Flash from Dana White: People Don’t Like Something about Jon Jones’ Personality

In a moment bound to convince everyone concerned of his massive deductive powers, UFC President Dana white recently stated that there is “something” about UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones’ personality that people do not like:

I think Jon Jones is one of those guys that gets a bad rap from everybody else too [like Mayweather] saying he’s too big for that division, he doesn’t deserve to be there, he should be in the fucking heavyweight division. If the guy makes 205 he’s a light heavyweight, okay? And all the criticism on how big he is… well now he’s fighting a guy who’s just as big as him, and has great stand up, has the reach, the leg reach, all the things that people have said that Jones always has over his opponents, this guy’s gonna have too. Which makes it very interesting. Jon Jones comes off as a heel because people don’t like him. For whatever reason people don’t like him, you know I don’t think it’s a black or a white thing. I think it’s something about his personality that people don’t like.

He followed it up by saying that Oscar De La Hoya snorts “some cocaine,” another comical understatement. Of course, none of this personality nonsense matters when your supreme physical athleticism has Gatorade, Nike, and the UFC lining up to plaster their logos on you. Jones needs us to think he has a good personality as much as a hooker needs a Master’s degree. His personality will never determine how many sponsorship dollars he gets… his actual fighting will.

But what could be the thing that people don’t like about Jones’ personality? The immature, spoiled brat personality he showed to Daniel Cormier? The sanctimonious bible tattoo plus DUI plus out-of-wedlock children combo? The fact that even Dan Henderson (a testosterone user who talks about other testosterone users’ testosterone use) calls him “not genuine”? Well, at least he might be a phony, but at least he’s a phony with a ton of money.

  • kvelertak

    As long as people stop blaming it on racism, I could give a shit.
    People wouldn’t like Jones if he was white.

  • Jaibehr

    I personally don’t like Jones because of that crawling on all fours BS he does to at the start of each of his fights. I loved it when Vitor tried to kick him in the head when he pulled that monkey-crawl shit. Plus he’s an arrogant douche bag. Show some class like Cain or GSP. He’s a champ…he should try act like one for a change.