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Nick Diaz almost starts another riot

To think I actually felt a little bad for Nick Diaz when someone threw a beer at him in the cage after his submission win over Evangelista Cyborg. But upon rewatching the incident, it looks like another situation where Diaz couldn’t help but start shit. I’m not saying the douchebags who threw shit into the cage aren’t responsible as well. But Jesus, Nick. Are you fourteen years old?


  • Reverend Clint

    14 year olds have more repsect

  • scissors61

    God I would love to watch GSP destroy that fucking guy. 

  • subo

    God I would love to watch Johnny Hendricks destroy that fucking guy.

  • scissors61

    My greatest dream is that BJ Penn would kick his ass and then his brother’s ass in consecutive fights. Then Shields and Melendez after that, just to shut Cesar Gracie’s ass up forever. 

  • Reem.Hadouken

    I support Nick Diaz.

  • Reverend Clint

    shoulda guessed^

    bj and nick are very much alike only bj actually has power. nick is too much of a pussy to be in the UFC since when he was there he blew goats

  • SST

    God I would love to see Diaz kick the living shit out of the point fighting UFC decision machines, then start a riot.

  • scissors61

    The only top UFC 170lbers I’d tip Diaz to beat are Shields and Koscheck. Fitch, Penn and GSP would all obliterate him. 

  • Fightlinkersuxass

    First, he didn’t start the first riot. Second, he threw a mouthpiece at some loud mouths. So what. That’s hardly starting a riot. God, Fightlinker sucks ass.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    I don’t think he’d beat Kos, but as a Diaz fan I’d like to proven wrong. They’re just terrible at wrestling. Terrible.


    “God I would love to watch GSP destroy that fucking guy.”
    Oh dude, you misspelled hump.

    At least Diaz is fun to watch. You fags who get all butt hurt when he does this shit need to just go sit on your respective thumbs and go jerk off to your posters of GSP.

    Interesting side note: If Cyborg tightened up his boxing with Freddie Roach or something he could be legit. His kicks looked sharp. Probably never going to happen though.

  • scissors61

    I’m not even a fan of GSP, I just dislike Diaz that much. I would love to see him get all pouty and whine as he loses every single round in convincing fashion. Nothing would make me happier And if Diaz’s takedown defense and subs aren’t good enough to beat Georges then GSP is the better fighter. Period. I don’t care if he’s an exciting fighter, he’s got an undeserved hype train that’s a mile long and an attitude that has crossed from being mildly annoying into straight-up idiocy. Every fighter gets heckled by the crowd, but Diaz is the only one stupid enough to throw his mouthpiece at the people who are enabling him to make a living by buying tickets to watch him fight. Fucking Diaz has Napoleon Complex without the short stature. The guy hasn’t even beaten a ranked opponent since 2007, and he can’t even claim that victory since he’s too much of a fucking pothead to lay off the weed for three weeks. 

  • SST

    The only matchup worth watching would be against Penn. By obliterate you mean take him down, sit in top control, and throw pillow punches, because their BJJ sucks that they can’t even attempt a sub (with the exception of Penn).

  • allelbows

    I was there — on that side too.  Those guys were heckling the entire fight, and they threw stuff at the officials, threw a drink at me too, and hit me and a bunch of crew people.  

  • 32hunter

    Diaz beat Bj easy.

  • 32hunter

    Nick was just defending the integrity of the sport by calling out these douchebags.
    re: Allelbows post.

  • 32hunter

    also keep up the GSP-Diaz aguements if we keep bitching maybe (probably not)a co–promoted fight can happen in a few more years.
    Diaz 13 time defending SF ww champ versus 13 time defending UFC champion GSP. shit that wont work ’cause Shields will have the strap in April.

  • thingvolds



  • Fightlinkersuxass

    Fightlinker, You stupid fucking bitch. At least Diaz says what he thinks. He swears. So fucking what? He smokes pot. Fuck you if you don’t like it.

    How boring to have everyone act like GSP. Fuck you Fightlinker. Fuck you for being a dick.

  • frickshun

    Esther–>why weren’t they ejected?? Be honest!! Was it $kala?!

  • chim55

    apparently Scot Coker will be “talking” to the ppl involved!!!

    what an impotent fat sad sack he is

  • AZ Bored

    This is FL now? Sigh. Shitty posts like this and Sherdog forum comments to follow it up.

  • iamphoenix

    “First, he didn’t start the first riot. Second, he threw a mouthpiece at some loud mouths. So what. That’s hardly starting a riot. God, Fightlinker sucks ass.”

    i’m liking this FNG fightlinkersuxass! i gotta agree, although i shut the tv off before any of this happened because i made a mad dash to the store to buy peanut butter jelly sammich items, this was nothing close to a riot and saying that it almost was is just stupid. if this was isohunt, i would vote this as FAKE.

  • Subbevil

    From what I can figure, those guys had been talking shit at the Diaz camp and being typical macho douchebags for a while, so if Diaz wants to flip them off and throw a mouthguard at them, all the power to him.

    And, really, who the fuck cares if GSP would beat him? The guy puts on great fights. His borderline neurosis, ridiculous chin, world-class cardio, funky striking and awesome bjj leads to entertaining fights.

  • glassjawsh

    ^ this

  • Reem.Hadouken
  • iamphoenix

    ^nice. i agree with everything in that aside from the part where the writer says he could be ranked number one. I’m a huge NIck DIaz fan and I don’t get why people just can’t enjoy watching him beat people down. He fights. People complain about wrestlers not doing anything but then complain when diaz is always punching, and winning. Also, what subbevil said.

  • agentsmith

    @Reem: that writer apparently only cares about whether someone wins or loses, not WHO they’ve fought. I like Diaz, but #1? Get the fuck outta here.

  • Blackula Jonez

    Is he the #1 WW in the world? No


    Is he always in exciting fights and wins convincingly? Yes


    Are his pre and post fight antics fodder for bloggers and fanboys? Yes


    Do I care what he does outside the cage? Not really, being classy is nice but seeing as how Diaz nor any other fighter is being documented all the livelong day, how can we truly say they are decent people.


    Chael Sonnen is a piss test and conviction removed from being a regular ass fighter. Take those two things away and you can have an entirely different view of the man.

    Love him or loathe him, with Diaz you are getting the good and bad without any semblance of remorse and I have to respect that about the man.

  • Blackula Jonez

    Has anybody noticed to irony of Subb-Oh’s main whipping boys (Diaz and Mir) are quite possibly the 2 fighters he would have the most fun with.


    He could hit a bong with Nick and geek out on philosophy and atheism with Mir. But for whatever reason he hates both of them, such is life.

  • Márcio

    For a site that talks shit about everyone fightlinker sure is very sanctimonious about everything Nick Diaz says or does. He should be this site’s favorite fighter but instead everyone hates on them. Logic fail.

  • Reverend Clint

    at least we are consistant with the shitting on Diaz. Well not really I used to be a fan when he fought in the UFC, like around 2005 but then he got really annoying. plus he started sucking balls against anybody with some wrestling skills. shit talking is cool but if you just act like a tard and a teen ager it gets old.

  • iamphoenix

    i didn’t know teenager was 2 words.