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Nick Diaz finally gets his face fixed

The new trend for Nick Diaz is to take a trip to the hospital after every fight. After fighting Mike Aina and squeaking by on points, he ended up in the hospital with a brutal case of staph. This time he’s in to have scar tissue removed from around his eyes:

“He didn’t get hit with anything hard,” Cope said. “It’s just that he’s got some gnarly cuts. There were a couple of fights [in his past] where he got cut and then band aided it, you know – didn’t get any good stitches, so he’s got a lot of scar tissue. You breathe on the guy, and he gets cut.”

Hopefully this helps out and Nick’s bad luck is at an end because one more questionable fight and he’ll be back where he was after washing out of the UFC … considered a skilled fighter who just can’t seem to get’r’done in the ring consistently.

  • Jonathan

    Maybe he should have gotten this done before it became a big problem affecting probably the only career that he is good at….but then again, hindsight is 20/20.

  • fightlinker

    Yeah, that’s the kind of thing that tops the “Shit to do while i’m suspended for smoking pot” list. Of course, I bet he used the list for rolling paper

  • Jonathan

    He probably lost it….I mean, where does this guy even live? I am picturing in the back of Gracie’s 1971 Chevy Malibu.

  • Audacity

    Diaz must be related to Fedor.

  • marshal

    Weed makes the skin weak.