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Nick Diaz is entertainment for DAYS

Nick Diaz shows his improvement during interviews … he starts off shaky by calling Jason Mayhem Miller the ‘milk duds’ of MMA, but then pulls it together and starts hitting some talking points. Good on you Nick!

  • steve24

    lol.. Diaz just rambled for 6 minutes

  • MacDaddy

    “I thought I’d hit his hand with my face as hard as I can about 500 times, until I was awarded a questionable decision, that was my gameplan….”

    Nick Diaz looks like a gargoyle.

  • fightlinker

  • Asa

    Weed is great and all, but he needs to stop for, like, six months. He’s just losing a grip completely, and his fighting ain’t getting any better either. He’s just got no motivation. No killer instinct.

    Maybe he should go train with BJ?

    Ha ha, that’s stupid.

  • Mike_N

    Wow–I didn’t think it was possible to carry on a single sentence for five minutes, but Nick Diaz proves me wrong yet again.

    At least Mayhem’s mugging/eye-rolling made me laugh.

  • uhuh

    ahahahahahhaa eddie munster ftw

  • Beau

    Maybe he should fight an opponent someone has heard of before. That might give him some motivation. EliteXC sucks the balls.

  • Jersey Tomato

    Wow, that was some goofy shit.

    Nick is a walking commercial for why you should not smoke weed all the time. A bong hit here or there – you should be OK. But non-stop cannabis will rob you of the ability to collect your thoughts and express them in a coherent fashion.

    I would love to get a transcript of what he said….

  • fightlinker

    We’ve got a transcript of his radio interview on Sherdog where he forgets what year it is:

  • JiuJitsu365

    Knowing what year it is, is totally overrated. All that man needs to know is the date of his fight…..

    When you live the lifestyle you want to live, why do you have to know what year it is. (unless it relates to cashing checks…)

  • Xavier

    Nick Diaz is handy because his existence is good argument fodder for telling stoneheads that weed, yes, weed does make you dumb.

  • Mobb Deep

    Ha, Diaz called Mayhem a fake to his face and Mayhem couldn’t do shit.

  • Ted Dibiase

    that was good.

    and knowing what year it is, is totally overrated. mayhem is a poser