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Nick Diaz is skipping out on press conferences again

There was a press conference for UFC 137: Diaz vs GSP yesterday in Canada, and guess who didn’t show up? Georges St Pierre! Har dee har, oh what a lark. I think that dude would spiral into an OCD meltdown if he accidentally showed up for a dentist’s appointment 10 minutes late. It was Nick Diaz, because Nick Diaz don’t do dese tings:

Gracie said his fighter’s absence is regrettable, but he also said Diaz will be in attendance for a press conference held Wednesday in Las Vegas. “Nick is going to be there tomorrow, and we’ll go from there,” he said.

“Nick doesn’t really do the conference calls with a guy he’s fighting; he just never has,” Gracie then told reporters. “It’s just not in his psyche. He’s too busy training right now to answer any questions.” 

You read correctly, there’ll be another press conference today in Vegas at 4PM. As a good guage for whether Nick will show up for this one, smoke some weed and then try to find the motivation to do some stuff you hate doing, like cleaning up behind the toilet or answering stupid questions from journalists who need a slap. See how much of that ends up getting done and you’ve probably got your answer right there.

As for how the UFC is taking this highschool hookey style behavior, thus far they seem to be taking it with a bit of humor. Lorenzo Fertitta just tweeted “Anyone know where nick diaz is?” and Dana White is turning promotional lemons into lemonade by encouraging people questioning Nick’s attendance to “tune in” and see if he shows.

If that’s how you wanna play it, the UFC is streaming the press conference right here. Otherwise we’ll be there afterwards with all Nick’s excellent rambling pothead answers or an editorial asking why he’s trying to sabotage his career by fucking with the UFC.

  • agentsmith

    I like how he bitches that he wants the big money, yet he refuses to do promotion for the biggest fight of his life.  I bet he wonders why he doesn’t get the big sponsors too.

  • CAP

    ^No shit agent. Though I’d love to see Diaz with some High Times, Roor or Jerome Baker sponsors or some shyit!

  • pewnt

    Nick Diaz, a prime example of what happens when “Keeping it real, goes bad”….

    Fucking simpleton.


    The Diazneezs translation.

    Nick, you know what I’m saying, Diaz, a prime example, you know what I’m saying, of what happens, you know what I’m saying, when “Keeping it real, goes bad”…… know what I’m saying.

    Fucking, you know what I’m saying, simpleton, you know what I’m saying.

  • scissors61

    I like how he bitches that he wants the big money, yet he refuses to do promotion for the biggest fight of his life.  I bet he wonders why he doesn’t get the big sponsors too.

    The guy’s always been a total moron.

  • greenseed

    Diaz out, condit in

  • CAP

    Fucking Diaz.

  • scissors61

    fucking diaz just screwed us out of BJ Penn vs. Carlos Condit and a Strikeforce/UFC title unification. Fucking piece. of. shit.


  • kwagnuth

    Yeah I was looking forward to that fight too. Now I can look forward to George laying on top of him for five rounds instead. All the fuckin whining this guy has been doing over the years about not making enough money and this is what he does. He just fucked himself out of the biggest oppertunity of his fuckin life. Congradulations you fuckin moron.

  • scissors61

    I’m seriously so fucking pissed. BJ Penn is my favorite fighter of all time. I’ve never seen him fight in person. I was planning on going to this card so I could see him have a war with a guy who I admire a lot in Condit and Nick Diaz’s stupid mongoloid pothead ass just fucked that whole shit up.

  • CAP

    Got Damn he fucked this shit up. I wonder if they’ll kick him back to SF or boot him for good. Guy gets his big chance and fucking BLOWS it. Penn/Condit would have been tits.

  • greenseed

    ya this sucks. i would prefer they keep him for one more fight to see if he can “play the game”, but that seems doubtful.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    I’m the second biggest Diaz fan in Jackaldom, but this is a massively douchenificent move.  Way to fuck over the peak of your career cumstain.

    AND I lose the Penn/Condit fight.  Motherfucker.

  • scissors61

    can’t wait for the diaz apologists in the mma blogs (*cough* snowden *cough*) try to justify this one. 

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    I realize I’m getting the most likely superior Condit/GSP fight, but I enjoyed Diaz’ in-ring skills and punkery.  So I’m irked I don’t get that fight but happy as hell we’re getting Condit for the title.

  • scissors61

    the only good part of this for me is that i get to shit-talk diaz fans from now until eternity from a position of unassailable strength. other than that, i’m still pissed the fuck off. 

  • Billytk

  • agentsmith

    UFC’s Facebook status: “This just happened.”  LOL.

  • glassjawsh

    Diaz v Penn is a better fight. The UFC should give him another last chance, no take backsies, and make it happen

  • Omomatta

    I have no choice but to be officially done with Diaz. This is far too disappointing.

  • SST

    Apparently press conferences are more important than the fight. Another over reaction from DW, not giving fans what they want to see.

  • Reverend Clint

    ^i doubt whatever diaz was doing was more important that going to a conference. its called being a team player not a stoner.

  • Blackula Jonez

    Sorry SST, as a professional fighter for the premeir org in the sport it shouldn’t be above your abilities to meet obligations like press conferences.


    Its simple, you have a job you fucking do it, how could it be any simpler than that?


    Diaz has no one to blame but himself.

  • 32hunter

    fuck am I depressed right now. the ONLY fight I cared about. I’ve never felt this badly about anything in sports. fuck.

  • scissors61

    fuck am I depressed right now. the ONLY fight I cared about. I’ve never felt this badly about anything in sports. fuck.

    find another fighter to be a fan of. diaz doesn’t deserve your money or your attention, he’s a fuckin douche. 

  • KeyboardWarrior

    Diaz vs Penn would be great actually. I hate Diaz after this but I’d rather see that than him and GSP.

  • G Funk


  • iamphoenix


  • frickshun

    I have officiall un-fan’d Nick Diaz. FUCKING ASSHOLE.