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Nick Diaz suspended from not fighting too

Cesar Gracie has been a busy bee lately. After the disaster that was the Gracie Fighting Championships he was lying low. But yesterday he has posted some explosive and possibly libelous statements regarding the UFC trying to mess with Phil Baroni’s physicals for Friday’s Strikeforce card. And with a new day comes a new story regarding his student Nick Diaz:

Nick Diaz will not be cornering his younger brother, Nathan Diaz, in what will surely be the biggest fight of Nathan’s career. Nick, who is himself under a six month NSAC suspension, has been advised that due to his suspension he will not be able to secure a corner’s license in Nevada.

This is kinda harsh. The baseball commission banned Pete Rose from being inducted in the Baseball Hall of Fame, but it’s not like they’d toss his ass out of the building if he tried to take the tour. My advice to Nick: Get ringside seats and a megaphone. Or better yet, run out from backstage and smash Manny over the head with a folding chair. That’s what always seems to happen in pro wrestling when someone is banned from ringside.

As a side note, I think this is the first time in a few months where I’ve actually had dirt on a commission other than the CSAC. Congratulations NSAC for breaking the CSAC’s total cocksuckery streak.

  • Asa

    Oh man, now I hope he shows up with a ginormous fake ‘stache and smokes a dutch while cornering Nate.

  • Mike O

    if nick wasnt banned from cornering he would be able to give nate his ability to be impervious to pain through a process known as a “contact high”.

  • Jonathan

    I can just see Nick in some clock tower with a rifle and homing pigeons, which he sends down to this brother’s corner during the break.

  • David

    This is just disgusting. You can only oppress someone for so long until they go crazy, that is what NSAC is doing to Diaz.

  • Mike O

    in that picture of diaz… see that bottle next to the candle?

  • Mike O

    bong cleaner

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