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Nick Diaz tests negative for pot somehow

(“Gee willikers, me smoke? That would not only be illegal but immoral!” Pic via Combat Lifestyle)

Dana White can breath a bit easier as one of the last potential impediments to making Georges St Pierre vs Nick Diaz has been removed. UFC 137 drug screening results are in and everyone tested negative. 17 of the 22 fighters on the card were checked but let’s be real here … Nick Diaz was the only one who would have elicited a “Yeah, not very surprising” response if his piss came back hot.

Everyone knows about Nick Diaz’s predilection for a certain leafy plant with interesting psychoactive effects. In the past, this fondness has resulted in victories being overturned or even entire fights being scrapped. And while we wouldn’t put it past Nick to muck up his drug testing again in the week leading up to his big GSP title shot, at least he’s shown he is capable of getting past this hurdle like everyone else does.

  • JoeRoganIsAnnoying

    And I don’t get a link regarding Chael’s Testosterone levels?

    Seriously FL, WTF?

  • Spicoli

    Google it.

  • thingvolds

    lol nick diaz in the ufc has turned into a nightmare for the gsp sycophants. gonna be a lot of canadians on suicide watch come superbowl weekend.

  • frickshun

    ^^No fucking way you type that with a straight face Voldylocks.

  • noiseless


  • Grappo

    No fucking way you type that with a straight face Voldylocks.

    nothing he says is done with a straight face.

  • Morghen

    How weird to see Nick not looking like a rampaging-asshat-shitstorm of “Come at me bro!”

    I know that “finishing fights” isn’t really GSP’s thing, but god would I love to see Nick unconscious.

  • CAP

    I want to see a finish in this fight don’t really care who.