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Nick Thompson vs Kung Fu, part 2

A while back we covered a little story about Nick “The Goat” Thompson calling out the fools on Iron Ring for claiming kung fu was superior to MMA. Fortunately for everyone, no good diss ever goes unanswered and the above video is the result.

  • Royal, King of Monsters

    Careful now guys. Maoshan and Blacktaoist will call you cyberstalkers and kill your youtube accounts for disproving their understanding of Baguazhang. They do it to members of the Bullshido crew every time.

    “Mindset of the sport will get you killed” gets massive lulz. I’m betting he’s ignored Sambo and MACMAP too.

  • Jose Bastillo

    That guy walked all over town, all day… bitching at a camera. Too funny.

  • Jemaleddin

    It’s so important to make a script before you start filming. Otherwise, even in your own editor will get bored with your shit.

    Also, is that guy’s name, ‘Man “The Fuck-up” Bitch’ or did I misunderstand the end of the video?

  • garth

    hahah “i aint playin games on the internet”


    i’d still like to see nick school this guy.

  • Whocares

    This guy makes me lol.

  • garth

    only fuckin bitches LOL in comment threads! i don’t play that shit in no comments!

  • garth


  • Boog

    Hmm, the only fighters he names as having “skills” in MMA are Anderson Silva and Rampage?

    Somebody’s racist…

  • Dangerfield

    I really hope Nick does something and lets us all watch.

  • Royal, King of Monsters

    Nah. I rack it up to “ignorance of the sport”.

    Go check up on Bullshido’s write up on these guys. It’s hilarious. They got You tube to ban…I think five people for showing the flaws in their form.

    Oh! And Blacktaoist is practicing his ground game with a flag-jitsu artist right now.

  • MMA-Elite

    I would pay good money to see Nick fuck this guy up.

  • garth

    it always cracks me up when people act like BJJ isn’t street fighting…

  • Lifer

    BJJ isn’t streetfighting…. i didnt watch the video yet so maybe im not getting the joke. BJJ is a 1on1 sport with a gi.

  • Millertime

    This guy needs to watch UFC 1.

  • Denton

    Was BJJ created as a sport? Huh, I always thought it was developed for self-defense. Guess I was wrong? LOL get outta here

  • caspersghost

    this guy seems legit, he seems like he’s got the mad skillz that Nick won’t want to step up too.

  • chuck

    In the street theyr aint no rules

  • Lifer

    uhhh yeah the best way to street fight is having the cardio to run faster and farther than your attacker.

    it’s widely known that BJJ is poor in a street fight because

    a) you’re not on mats
    b) you’re rarely attacked 1on1, bjj leaves you quite exposed to being attacked by multiple people
    c) there are no weight classes

  • koolpaw

    is this guy i that famous champion of


  • Carcass

    Self-defence forms a big part of BJJ – indeed, before they sanctioned it with ‘sporting’ rules (so they could practice without breaking each other) that’s ALL there was.
    Go ask Reyson Gracie what BJJ is for. He said this to me: “do not learn the jiu-jitsu for fight in the vale tudo. Learn jiu-jitsu for safety on streets, to keep safe.”
    Still don’t believe me? Educate yourself here:

  • Wu Tang

    It is said that a Taoist is someone who looks beyond lvl’s of peetyness.. ANd htis is petty, but the thing is.. Its not coming from Thompsons side, but rather.. the taoist… Well, its a front/name, i doubt he practice taoism

  • Mobb Deep

    Your pretty funny Lifer, what style doesn’t leave you exposed to multiple attackers? Oh yeah, KRAV-MAGA!!!!

  • Hattori Hanzo Gracie

    Traditional Martials Arts…LMAO
    If he was a Krav Maga master he would of had a chance In a no rules encounter but kung Fu….come on now seriously

  • Lifer

    like i said, running. people that train in a discipline are taught to avoid conflict. that is the greatest style.

  • Lifer

    also, be like water.

  • dubside

    “Daisy Duke on ya” BITCH!

  • RoB

    Ghetto translation: “you (white person) and your croanies ( all other possibly white people).

    people with skills like Rampage “black dude” and anderson silva ( looks enough like a black dude to be mistaken as a black dude)

  • Lifer

    this just in : black people can be brazilian too.

  • Fatal Error

    So wait, would this guy hate an African American albino?

  • Royal, King of Monsters

    @ Wu Tang

    The guy in front of the camera is Maoshan. The guy running the camera is Blacktaoist.

  • Royal, King of Monsters

    Might I also add that he blocks replies of reason and sense.

  • Hattori Hanzo Gracie

    Well If the jackass waits till later this year he can be as bad and as tough as he wants in the UFC video Game

  • Hammer

    They all cant fight their way out of a paper bag….