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NickTheFace will pump you up for Penn vs Condit


Even though UFC 137 isn’t until the end of October, it’s never too early to start getting hyped for it via some awesome highlights. NickTheFace does some of the best pre-fight packages in the sport, and knocks it out of the park with his latest featuring BJ Penn and Carlos Condit.

  • CAP

    Yeah that got me fired up for this. Even though you shouldn’t need it with these two. Should be a sick scrap!

    I gotta go with BJ but Carlos seems really hungry.

  • G Funk

    Too early for my pee pee to engorge.

  • glassjawsh

    The fanboi in me says beej. but you gotta think Carlos is going to wait until Penn gasses and get a third round stoppage

  • scissors61

    BJ’s gonna whup that ass. The only thing Condit’s got on him is reach. 


  • frickshun

    If you really wanna know what Condit thinks……CHECK IT OUT ON BJPENN.GOV!!

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    I don’t really care who wins this one – fun fight.