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No finish, no win bonus

Interesting: Sarah Kaufman’s contract is set up so she only gets a win bonus if she finishes her opponent.

Canadian Sarah Kaufman made a basic purse of US$10,000 for her win over Liz Carmouche at Saturday’s Strikeforce Challengers card in Las Vegas.

The Victoria welterweight won a unanimous decision over the former U.S. marine sergeant. But she missed out on an extra $5,000 because her contract stipulated she would only get a win bonus if she scored a KO, TKO or submission.

Usually fighters get their win bonus regardless of how they finish off an opponent.

Kaufman’s purse was further reduced by $3,000 in U.S. tax, $125 in licenses and $178 in routine medical tests, according to the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

The final total was $6,696. Carmouche made $2,500.

Before crying too much for Sarah, keep in mind that headliner Bobby Voelker only made 5k/5k and even WEC guys like Chad Mendes (who’s on the cusp of a featherweight title shot) were earning 5k/5k in the WEC. So it’s not like this is purely a ‘women getting paid less’ thing – more like a ‘sucks to be in Zuffa b-leagues’ thing. Okay, maybe it sucks to be a woman in the b-leagues if you’re Liz Carmouche. I hope Girlzillas like ramen…

(image via All Elbows)

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Does anyone else have a stip like that?  I wonder if it was grandstanding or a justification/balance of her higher base pay?

  • Letibleu

    Or retard manager.

  • Billytk

    I’m actually kind of surprised that the UFC hasn’t attempted to institute a finish bonus instead of a win bonus since we all know how much Dana likes decissions

  • CAP

    I don’t think that would be a bad idea. Money talks. I’m sure an extra 20Gs or so would change a lot of guys approach to go for a finish.

  • frickshun

    Yeah assholes, it’s called KO/Sub/Fight of the Night. And the bonuses are pretty fucking insane compared to payscale.

  • CAP

    I know that’s out there but it’s not always in their control. Someone may have a better KO if there aren’t a lot of decisions. This is something they can count on if they finish their opponent, spectacular or not. “Locker room bonuses” are “in the mix” as well.

    Your ever shrinking lover boy Kenflo said it best, “fans want to see guys finish fights”.

  • Mixed Martial Adam

    Frick – pretty sure (pretty, very sure) that Strikeforce doesn’t do end of the night bonuses. However I do agree that if an extra $75, 000 won’t entice you to finish the fight nothing will. I think the major problem with tentative fighters is job security. If you lose twice you’re fired, which can’t make it easy to get flashy in the cage. 

    Also – it seems as though ZUFFA takes care of fighters who finish their matches. There is always talk of locker room bonuses and so far not one cut/disgraced UFC fighter has gone public saying otherwise. Tax free cash at the end of the night seems way more motivational than an extra $20 grand on a fighter’s contract (especially at the expense of a usual win bonus). The stipulation in Kaufman’s contract seems silly and poorly managed. However, she is such a cocky bitch that she probably thought such a stipulation would increase her pay rather than decrease it – every time out.

    On an unrelated note, I’m of the mindset that there should be a ZUFFA league minimum of $7,000 per fight. Whether you’re a freshman in the UFC or a woman in Strikeforce, no one should be making under 7 grand per fight (base). It would go a long way with allowing new talent to at least scrape by.


  • G Funk

    It’s feast or famine in MMA. I suppose most of these fighters either live in mommy’s basement jacking their neighbors wifi, stuff a trailer to the gills or are squatters.

  • CAP

    Yeah it sounds pretty harsh paying dues to get an MMA career going.

  • frickshun

    MMAdam–>what in the fuck is a “Strikeforce”? I am a huge UFC fan. Are you talking about some semi-pro slapboxing league?

    Also, no chance the locker room money is “tax free”. It’s just not reported as part of the fighters pay which some AC’s mandate you release publicly. Zuffa is not paying the taxes for the fighters. They just aren’t obligated to report it to the AC.

    Cap–>I say this ALL THE TIME. Have any of you ever chased a pro sport? I have friends that have chased pro football, baseball & volleyball domestically & overseas. You will do whatever it takes to get by in the hopes that you get into the major league of that sport. If you don’t, you certainly don’t regret. All of these fighters are chasing the same thing……to be a Liddell or Couture. If I didn’t love financial security & the idea of feeding my family, I might have done the same thing.

  • glassjawsh

    liz carmouche’s nickname is “girl-RILLA”

    and from what ive heard she’d rather eat tuna than ramen

  • Blackula Jonez


  • CAP

    Frick I understand what your saying but MMA seems particularly daunting to get a stable career. In all those other sports when you make it to the big leagues you get big league money or at least enough to survive and hone your skills.. MMA pay is getting better but 7Gs per fight at the highest level isn’t getting you very far. Also those other sports don’t make YOU pay for your practices(training) it’s part of the gig. It’s a very different landscape.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Golf clap.

  • frickshun

    Cap–>my point is that MOST GUYS DON’T MAKE IT. And making it to Strikefarce isn’t exactly “the big leagues” compared to UFC. Giving a seminar as a former UFC fighter is a lot more bankable than being a forcer Strike-who fighter.

    And most guys teach in addition to train. You can’t train 10 hours a day ya know.

  • CAP

    I agree. And that makes MMA even that much harder to succeed in.

    I guess that’s why they say it is a lifestyle cuz that’s the only way to survive for most of them.

  • frickshun

    Nope….it’s a lifestyle cuz I GOT A TAPOUT TATTOO ON MY NECK!!

  • Oontyex

    please add this into the next contracts of fitch, laynard, gsp, rashart, edgar n cruz

    need dissentives against lay n pray, wall n stall n flight of the bumblebee