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No JackalTV or delayed JackalTV tonight

It’s been a long day at Fightlinker central as we work hard to ship out the huge number of t-shirts ordered and deal with various legal shenanigans, so I’m headed out with Jacob to drink a few beers and unwind. Besides, it’s Friday night! Don’t you have things to do with your genitals???

  • Xenicore


  • garth

    sadly, no.

  • x5BoltMainx

    I’m going to the movies, but I’ll still think about joo.

  • Atom

    I want my
    I want my
    I want my Jay Tee Vee

  • Sofian

    jus breakin this, sylvia is with adrenaline mma, montey cocks(yes cocks) new promotion along with ben rothwell..yay!!! get 1 shit fighter everyone hates and another who has minimal exposure, way to start…gay

  • garth

    sofian: countdown til complete crackup of adrenaline mma in 5….4…3…

  • Ineedgirlfriend

    I need girlfriend.

  • fightfan

    Just breakin this…..Sylvia NOT signed to adrenaline MMA, only letter issued. Also Adrenaline on brinks of break up. All 3 of their fighters on roster WERE NOT HAPPY!

  • fightfan

    Where is FL????

  • dan

    lets hope its just a drinking weekend

    and hope his ass aint fell out again!