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No rest for No Love

I’ve harbored a lot of negative feelings for Rich Clementi ever since he annoyed the shit out of me on the Ultimate Fighter. But lately it’s been a bit tougher to diss the guy. He managed to beat Anthony Johnson, who in my opinion is gonna be the next big thing at 170. Christmas came twice when he put his nuts on Melvin Guillard’s neck after beating him at UFC79. And now he’s stepping up with just a few weeks notice to fight Terry Etim at UFC84.

He’s an interesting choice. Considering Etim is basically a nobody and the fight isn’t going to be televised, there’s no reason why they couldn’t have stuffed a random dude against him when Rob Emerson pulled out. So I’m not really sure the UFC has gone and picked a guy who just went three hard rounds with Sam Stout a few days ago.

  • clint notestine

    I like Clementi simple because he fucked up Melvin Guillard.


    If Clementi wins 2 more….is he in title contention?

  • garth

    if he beats etim, that’ll be six in a row. tim sylvia didn’t have to win that many.

  • clint notestine

    “if he beats etim, that’ll be six in a row. tim sylvia didn’t have to win that many.”
    But Big Tim is twice the man Rich is… literally.

  • garth

    i think he could eat clementi for breakfast. and have some OJ and bacon on the side

  • Accomando

    So, it appears that you have stopped refering to him as “cock face” right?

    Only a temporary thing I hope.

  • Elfenstein

    i think we will see less and less namecalling now that the fightlinker boys are trying to build cred in the mma circles and attending shows etc ..

  • JoeRoganIsAnAss

    “He managed to beat Anthony Johnson, who in my opinion is gonna be the next big thing at 170.”

    Careful, anybody see him off his back?

  • winklepicker


  • Jim Brown’s Long Lost Son

    Stout won that fight…

  • Matt (but I signed up as Mr. Unbelievable Pants)

    lol @ WAR COCKFACE

  • Fightlinker is Wrong

    Gotta go with Jim Brown there. I had Stout winning that fight as well. At best it was a 28-28 draw.

    If Fightlinker stops calling fighters penises then this will just be another MMA blog except that it posts news days after everyone else does.

  • defranger

    And recently doesn’t even post at all

  • cheezeypoof

    Yo, Fightlinker is Wrong when is the newest comic coming out?

  • Atom

    HA! See what happens Jake, you take too long of a break from that drawing stuff, and the competition creeps up.

    FL’sWrong: whatchagot?

  • fightlinker

    Elfenstein: funny story, I actually realized this weekend that the ‘inner circle’ of MMA isn’t really where i want to be, because it does make my ‘job’ harder. I still hate Rich, but it’s the same way I hate Matt Hughes … I don’t like him as a person but you can’t ignore a guy’s skill after he trounces some decent talent.

  • Accomando

    ^^Fightlinker, I take the above response as confirmation that you have now completely sold out.

    I didn’t even bat an eye when I bought into the Star Membership. Hell, the new ‘Ad’s with funny pics attached to them’ make me laugh from time to time (expecially the Tim Sylvia People Magazine “I’m Gay” one) but, the day you guys stop the insults and start the ass kissin’ (besides Polly, that suit-kick was remarkable), is the day I end my tenure at fightlinker.

    Get your nuts re-attached, start insulting fighters (with childish name-calling) and back to mocking those associated with MMA, (like that tool Capaln) and get with it soon hombre!

    I am so fried with MMA-ness that I hardly even check any MMA site outside of Linker anymore, and I, for once in my life, could forsee not clicking on the Linker too, and once that happens, it will be the harbinger of death, mark my words, the harbinger.

  • Fightlinker is Wrong

    Fightlinker is Wrong will have a new comic when Fightlinker has a new comic. But seeing as they are on the verge of selling out… I doubt we’ll see one.

    Unless of course its another one like that shitty “I LOVE GSP!!!11one” *MOTHERFUCKING SPRAY SHORTS!*

    I understand that you think you are verging on tiny-celebrity blogger status but wisen the fuck up bitch. I need someone with an opionion so i can hate them for it fucker.

    I expect to see an “Alex Schonauer is a cunt” article within the day.

    … bitch.

  • fightlinker

    Alex who???

  • Fightlinker is Wrong

    I don’t fucking know. That no name bastard who was on TUF and is in the IFL that no one cares about. He hasn’t offended anyone.

    But if you are the true fightlinker… then you will find something. Or just go to Jon Koppenhavers UFC profile and read his favourite technique.

  • kentyman

    Jon who???

  • fightlinker

    who what???

  • Fightlinker is Wrong

    lol resorting to 5th grade school kid tactics … you are fightlinker.

    Well done.

  • cheezeypoof

    “I need someone with an opionion so i can hate them for it fucker”
    LMAO… awesome!