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No surgery for Big Nog’s mangled arm

Big Nog’s broken arm looked bad the night it happened and worse in x-ray form, but now we’re getting news that at least it won’t take surgery to fix:

“We’ve just had a medical diagnosis,” wrote Minotoro. “[Dr. Itamura] said he would prefer not to do surgery, that [the bone] will calcify by itself and that in five months, he’s fighting again.”

UFC officials referred Nogueira to Dr. Itamura, who prescribed twice-a-day ultrasound therapy and fitted “Big Nog” with a brace. The plastic accessory will allow Nogueira to move his arm, something the pure plaster of a hard cast would not.

Still unclear is if the UFC will welcome Nog back after his latest shudder-inducing loss. But what’s a little snapped humerus considering Nog’s battles through flesh eating staph and hip replacement surgery?

  • Mixed Martial Adam

    Special Televised Retirement Special:


    Big Nog vs Cro Cop

    Chuck Lidell vs Tito Ortiz

    Wanderlei Silva vs Dennis Kang

    and mooooooooooore!

  • CAP

    I was looking at that X-ray thinking, yeah, that will heal fine on it’s own LOLOLOL.

    Damn that’s a messed up pic up there.

  • Reverend Clint

    mmadam… nate quary vs josh koscheck!

  • agentsmith

    “Goddammit, that arm was brand-new.”

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    That pic is sooo weird.

  • glassjawsh

    big nog could not give one single fuck about having a broken arm. dude’s a bad mother fucker. Jules Winnfield would be proud

  • Letibleu

  • Shaiful

    No, what I saw was Silva give Sonnen a work and lay down for him. And after 5 rounds of lenittg Sonnen have his way, he couldn’t win and did not damage. So where is the owning? Won’t let it go the distance? Is he going to quit sooner this time or get knocked out by a serious Silva this time?Not unstoppable? Only undefeated UFC champion in history, longest win streak, longest title streak, top p4p, most accurate striker in mma history, a list of highlight reel finishes, need I go on?

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