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NSAC to Babalu: You can go but the money stays

The results are in on the NSAC ruling against Renato Babalu Sobral. The bad news is they’re keeping his $25,000 win bonus. The good news is he’s not suspended. Well, it’s not really good news because now he’s a social leper and not even Gary Shaw will touch him. But still, chances are good he’ll be able to re-earn the money he just lost over the twelve months he would have otherwise been suspended.

You know, I’m always amazed at how ignorant I seem to be. I never imagined the NSAC would really stick it to Babalu and take more than 5000 bucks from him. I guess I’ve just seen too many low-paid fighters get busted 2000 bucks and a year off for failed drug tests. Off the top of my head, this could be the biggest fine ever issued to a mixed martial artist in the history of the NSAC.

  • Tommy

    I always did wonder what the commission does with the ‘fined monies’. As much as they fine fighters they should all have private jets. Think MMA is bad you should see some of the boxing fines they take.


    Fair is fair it was just a blood choke.

  • Ted Dibiase

    what the hell was babalu fighting that pile for?
    is this another kevin iole dream matchup?

  • shanaconda

    that’s like $8000/sec
    seems a little severe
    I’d let Babalu choke me unfairly for say…..$200/sec

  • Thomas

    I heard a mma podcast a while back that claimes Babalu suffered from “bloodlust” I wonder if theres any truth to this.