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I just watched 2005 Phil Baroni literally kick the teeth out of Minowaman‘s head last night so I decided to make a gif out of the intro video to commemorate the event. Phil’s fighting Brad Tavares on January 1st and fingers crossed he starts 2011 with a similar amount of bang!

  • SST

    Baroni is on the same track as Pulver. Both have not evolved with the sport and are being left behind.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Long Island Bad Ass

  • UberShmact


  • Gina’s boy toy

    NYBA posted this on the UG forum.

  • iamphoenix

    phil baroni will always have a special place in my pants.

  • maafaka

    front or back ?

  • scissors61

    i never get tired of watching baroni use dave menne’s head as a speed bag. I’M DA BEST EVUHHHH! LINDLAND, YOU’RE NEXT!