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Occasional Rubout: Anne Rivera pseudo-naked

MMA Fight Girls continues to get the goods with exclusive pictures of Anne Rivera’s ass, titties, ass n titties, ass ass titties titties, ass n titties. Those of you who know the DJ Assault song can sing along with me. All that separates your eyes from a pure shot of her goodies is a sheer coat of body paint. So is she technically naked? Well, my pants say no but the police tend to say yes, or at least they do in Mexico. If you think getting thrown into a Mexican jail is bad news, imagine being neon-green and naked at the time too.

  • Stellar53

    I like boobies…

  • andres

    I like titiess too I mean boobies

    Qoute of the day
    Belongs to tito ortiz

    The perfect way she sees me riding off into the sunset Stoping machida ina round or two looking at lorezno tell him thank you looking at frank tell em thankyou look at dana white and say fuck you!

    I love the ufc!

  • Captain

    Hmm… bushy eyebrows like Jake and a flabby ass like Ryan. Sweet.

  • Burtonchik

    if the paint was sheer, you’d be able to see through it…

  • selfdestructo

    At UFC 76 in Anaheim, she was sitting on the stairs watching the fight, because apparently, Mickey’s had her come in an sign autograph posters but didn’t bother giving her a seat. So we invited her into the suite we had and enjoyed her company for 2 hours.

    Then we invited her up to our other suite and gangba… oh wait, that was the dream i had afterwards.

  • Jemaleddin

    @captain: Screw the Edith Labelle thing: if you look at those pics and comment on how she needs to groom her eyebrows, you might be a little gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I just want you to be happy, and your mother and I have been talking about those magazines we found under your bed….

  • Dr. Gonzo

    There’s some droopage on that ass.

  • Captain

    @Jemaleddin: Oooh, sorry I notice when chicks have eyebrows like a muppet… homo.

    P.S. Now I’m not saying I wouldn’t gladly hit it. But at that same time I would gladly pay for her to get that shit waxed (along with everything else if you know what I’m sayin).