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Occasional Rubout: Hot Kickboxer

There’s nothing hotter than a girl who can fight. So here’s a girl who’s all about kickboxing!

  • Lifer

    kinda like an above average glamour shot. fix your roots baby, fix your roots.

  • clint notestine

    is her right tit way bigger than her left or is that just the angle? Couldn’t afford two implants?

  • Asbel


    (just ending the streak of negative comments)

    fake edit: maybe she got punched more on the right boob then the left boob, boob

  • nephildevil
  • nephildevil

    id post a youtube vid of her if the spamthing didnt delete it

  • fightlinker

    Just post the link URL and it should be fine

  • nephildevil

    thats what i did, but the post got deleted

    but i’ll see, got her on my myspace somewhere

  • nephildevil

    nope tried twice again, doesnt work