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Oh Jesus, not again

The latest excruciating episode in the “Jon Jones Sucks” reality internet melodrama comes from Franklin “Sources” McNeil on ESPN’s MMA Live, where he revealed some interesting information through one of his many sources:

“He felt so bad about the card being cancelled, he was willing to pay the fighters on that card their fees. But after all these attacks on him by other fighters, he chose not to do that. He feels really bad about this situation and did not expect the entire card to be cancelled.”

This can be taken one of two ways: as a selfless thought by Jones who had no responsibility to cover any other fighter’s expenses. Or seeing as Jon Jones’ public image is about one step higher than Todd “Legitimate Rape” Akin’s, it may very well be viewed as a way of purchasing loyalty.

Certainly Jones cannot be blamed for not wanting to give thousands of dollars to Charlie Brenneman, who bashed him on Twitter, or to any other fighter who decided to publicly vilify him. That’s his choice to make. Shit, I wouldn’t throw any ends to someone who bashed me either. But taking into account his many recent public relations missteps, this will likely be viewed as just another in a long line of incidents that makes Jon Jones look like an arrogant prick.

  • randlemansvertical

    Jon Jones is a massive faggot who chows down on the meaty dicks, so looking forward to him getting his ass beat. At the rate he’s going he’s going to be gang beaten into a coma by a bunch of ufc undercard cans.

  • Letibleu

    So…. again he was gonna deprive one person for the acts of another.

    I still dont care about the drama and love this new asshole Jones. It is so much easier to not have to try to like him.

    Again, he is guilty of being a pussy for not fighting someone on short notice and being a douche about it. He is not responsible for UFC putting together a shitty, shitty card and being forced to cancel it because the only PPV worthy fight on the entire card fell apart.

  • Nachtfalter

    This is one of the most hilariously obvious lies I’ve heard in a long time.

    It’s epic how bad Jones and everyone around him is at any kind of public relations.

  • Blackula Jonez

    I cannot think of one fighter that has had the best year of their career followed immediately by their worst.

    All of this by the way coming from said fighters out of cage antics rather than their in cage performance.

  • randlemansvertical

    I don’t buy any of this “asshole jones heel turn” or whatever some people are saying. He is simply that obliviously shitty. He didn’t all of a sudden become an asshole, he’s always been one and his jesus facade has crumbled somewhat.

  • Reverend Clint

    he should pay for all of the expenses fans couldn’t recoup for him canceling the card like hotel rooms, flights and rental cars.

  • Letibleu

    What about the children?

  • Reverend Clint

    ^did he rape children too? Wouldn’t put it past him

  • iamphoenix

    First I hated Jon Jones because of the color of his skin. Now I hate him because he’s a douche. And he’s black.

  • Reverend Clint

    hes black in skin only


    In the end, this whole episode really pans out well for Jones and he comes out the big winner. He is going to make a fuuuuck-ton of money for his next few fights (PPV % / kickback) regardless of who he fights because everybody is going to tune in hoping to see him get smashed. People are going to watch and he’s going to get paid.

  • Blackula Jonez

    Short Bus gets it, if being hated but being a winner was an unsuccessful business model Floyd Maywheather would be broke.

  • noiseless

    i agree with penux. fuck all black people in their god damn ass afro’s. except everyone but jon jones.

  • G Funk

    Penixxx & Leti for, tha, WIN! And Clint FAIL as usual.

  • colostate1985

    I think he should have taken the fight, but that doesn’t mean he owed anyone money. What I just don’t understand is why, even assuming Jones is telling the truth, he would reveal this information. It doesn’t make him look like a great guy because he almost paid the other fighters. Instead, it just makes him look vindictive. This guy needs some handlers, and fast.

  • Letibleu

    …and anyone who is ready to hotly defend their opinion in this matter can no longer rag on anyone that religiously watches soap operas on TV. We are pathetic.

  • Reverend Clint

    gfunk… remove jons balls from your mouth plz

  • Blackula Jonez

    What Leti said, if I was going to hate JBJ for anything it would be for showing mma fans to be to catty gossip addicts we would like to deny despite evidence of the contrary.