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Oh Look, Another Contest

Oh Look, Another Contest

You ready to win some free stuff? In honor of the movie “AMBUSHED“, which just came out on Blu-Ray and DVD and stars Dolph Lundgren, Vinnie Jones and Randy Couture (yes, our pal Randy is in another action film), Fightlinker is going to have a contest. Here are the details:

  • The prize: A copy of AMBUSHED, for you to watch and cherish.
  • What you have to do to win: Come up with a movie title and one or two sentence description of a fictional flick featuring an MMA fighter. For example, if I were to enter this contest, I’d submit my proposal for “JUICED TO THE GILLS, starring Vitor Belfort – The story of a hard-boiled detective with the Rio de Janeiro Police Department who’s very good at his job, but maybe too good. Should Detective Belfort’s arrests be voided just because his blood has been replaced with pure testosterone?”

  • Who decides who wins: I do, so make me laugh. Of course, everyone who chimes in in the comments has their vote count as well.
  • Where to submit entries: In the comments, so don’t be shy.

Remember, all the people who won the last Fightlinker contest are now living happy and fulfilled lives.

Now here’s some pics of our beloved Randy in AMBUSHED.

You dare try to out-wrestle Randy? Fool!

You dare try to out-wrestle Randy? Fool!

Randy almost submitted Kevin Randleman from the guard - WTF do you think you're going to be able to do, Dolph?

Randy almost submitted Kevin Randleman from the guard – WTF do you think you’re going to be able to do, Dolph?


This is Randy's brooding face. Also, his happy face, excited face and sad face. The dude has range.

This is Randy’s brooding face. Also, his happy face, excited face and sad face. The dude has range.

This is exactly how Randy beat Tito Ortiz.

This is exactly how Randy beat Tito Ortiz.

Ambushed blu-ray flat


  • glassjawsh

    go fuck yourself

  • Joseph_Rocha

    Oh man is Randy a villain in this movie? Fitting based on his “current role”

  • puckdinah1

    “Quebecois Gigolo” starring GSP. Much like Richard Gere’s movie, this focuses on GSP’s life as the most desirable garbageman around, finding difficulties in choosing the right one amongst all sorts of ethnic women

  • Jared Jones

    “Seraldo Babalu” starring Tito Ortiz – The harrowing story of a speech-dyslexic ape who, after cracking his oversized skull on a coconut one afternoon, leaves the jungle (and his whorish, ostrich-faced mate) behind to become the world’s greatest color commentator. SPOILER ALERT: He fails miserably.

  • DDT

    “Snapped”. Starring Rousimar Palhares. When a bunch of greedy international businessmen, with operational limbs, try to offer a reasonable price for a simple farmboy’s family land he is pushed too far. The boy sets out on a mission of revenge snapping legs and eating cake in this harrowing tale of redemption, confusion and confusion.

  • PleaseRewind

    A remake of Akira Kurosawa’s Ran featuring Miesha Tate and Ronda Rousey. The (adopted) sisters fighting for the future of Japan after their father (Dana White?) abdicated the throne.

  • Mmariusp

    “Dry-humped” featuring Rampage Jackson.
    A movie about a fighter dealing with fame and fortune while trying to find true love.

  • glassjawsh-got-banned

    well played RM,

    banning someone for using colorful language.

    this place was BUILT on the ridiculous nature of it’s fans

    they were JACKALS for christ’s sake, it’s crazy to expect them to play nice

    now all that’s left is a less interesting version of bloody elbow

    fightlinker can die in a fire

  • Nick. R Salavery

    Zulu’d: The tragic story of an Alabama cop who manages to win 3rd place in the world famous Zulu contest

  • Nick. R Salavery

    Firfeball kidd: the story of an Austistic kid and his hands of dynamite fighting the demons which seperate him from his legos

  • Jim Genia

    Some solid entries here. Very solid indeed.

  • Nicholas O’Dea

    The Wrestler 2: Broken Diesel
    MMA Fighter Joe Riggs struggles with obesity and becomes the first fighter to fight with the gastric bypass band and die in the octagon after it explodes due to a Dennis Siver body kick.

  • Casey

    “MRS MAGOO”, starring Adelaide Byrd – Visually impaired, racially biased MMA judge by night, fabulous crime fighter by day. Evil will be judged incorrectly and unfairly. This Summer, JUSTICE IS BLIND!

  • CatchWrestler1

    Fighting Woman: A spinoff of Pretty Woman, involving Randy Couture who plays a successful businessman who falls in love with a sex worker, Kim Couture – who works her way into fighting and loses miserably every time before her new beau saves her and provides her with a new life

  • Alok

    “The Long Burn” starring Waylon Lowe, A man must fight the system to reclaim his life after being incapacitated by a faulty product (topical penis gel)

  • Jim Genia

    Okay, I’m going to pick a winner tomorrow, so any last-minute entries need to get in ASAP. Both “Snapped” and “Mrs. Magoo” made me laugh like a girl, so I’d say they’re in the lead, but it’s anyone’s ballgame right now.

  • Eric English

    “Mrs Doubtfighter” Starring Fallon Fox – The story of an estranged deadbeat dad who in a desparate bid to remain close to his twin daughters after a bitter divorce undergoes a sex-change operation to be able to teach their female MMA class. Guest starring Matt Mitrione.