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Oh Snap, Eh?

Jake Shields appears to finally be ratcheting up the mind games in advance of his fight with GSP at the SkyDome on April 30th. For you hosers who don’t follow da hockey eh, Toronto and Montreal’s respective professional hockey teams the Maple Leafs and the Canadiens  have a long-standing rivalry that goes back to about 1917. This rivalry has been the reason for innumerable parking-lot fights contested in the dead of winter by generations upon generations of ” target=”_blank”>training tips.

Full disclosure: I am a long-suffering and miserable fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs. And I hate those fuckin’ Habs more than any other team in the NHL. 

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  • thingvolds

    that jersey is going to look good with the ufc welterweight belt

  • lunatic

    poor you man….

    The leafs are the WORST team of the NHL and I wouldn’t wear a jersey of that team in any circumstance…

    Just beacause Shield is going to wear that piece of shit mean that he’s gonna loose

    How long have the leafs fans been waiting for the Stanley Cup??

    44 years….

    leafs sucks

  • DaddyPants

    LOL @ your hockey. you guys wear skates…

  • fishead

    the really funny part about all of this is that GSP has repeatedly said that he grew up as an Oilers fan…

  • Reverend Clint

    hockey is one step away from figure skating… gay

  • scissors61

    that skeleton pic is fuckin’ hilarious. as for the oilers thing, everyone was an oilers fan in the 80s but i’m pretty sure GSP is rooting for the habs these days. 

  • fishead

    scissors – I grew up in Winnipeg… and consequently hated the Oilers. Fuck Gretzky. Fuckin’ Oilers knock the Jets out of the playoffs pretty much every year for a decade… then they end up getting sent to Phoenix and ‘The Great One’ goes out and buys the team. Asshole.


    Anyhow… Ryan – you down for making a video where we get drunk and vomit on Leafs gear?

  • scissors61

    aw man, you’re from the ‘peg? that’s almost as bad as being a leafs fan

  • lunatic

    @Reverend Clint:you think hockey is gay, han? Try to put on a pair of skates and skate at full speed for 50 seconds and we’ll see if you ain’t gonna spit your lungs… add to that a hockey stick and try to control a puck…. Oh and i forgot, you have to get use gettin hit by 200 pounds goons who skate at 25 mp/h and just want to take your head of…

    Did I say that they’re aloud to punch you in the face if they feel like doing so?
    Name another sport where you can use the wall to stomp your opponent face…

    Hockey is great, so as mma

  • Boog

    ya, hockey, gay?

    It’s the most violent sport next to MMA.

  • scissors61

    All I can say is that I would be less scared to get in the ring with a pro MMA fighter than I would be to lace up skates and try to play in a pro hockey game. Falling on ice hurts. Falling on ice because some huge motherfucker from Russia just bashed you in the face with a stick hurts even more. 

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    And they immediately confuse playing a game which is tough, with the enjoyment of watching said game.

    Cleaning floors is hard work, but I’m not gonna watch someone do it in my downtime.

  • frickshun

    Hockey is easily the greatest sport played on ice…..behind figure skating & maybe curling.

    I played roller hockey as a kid. I loved it. But I certainly don’t want to watch it!!

  • scissors61

    Shit, I don’t care if you don’t watch hockey. I can’t stand people who proselytize about their favorite sports, whether it be MMA or cricket. If the NHL would wake up to the fact that a lot of people in this country just don’t like hockey maybe they wouldn’t be wasting money by putting hockey teams in fucking Arizona and Georgia. 


  • subo

    Let me take this opportunity to thank Quebec for sending us Patrick Roy and the Nordiques (Avalanche).  Absent that move, Canada would have a couple more Cups.

  • Reverend Clint

    hockey should stay in cold areas. i thinks its gay because it dont find it interesting like basketball.just because you fly around on ice at high speed doesnt make me wanna watch a buncha inbred hockey fucks. NASCAR is fast but just as stupid. danger does not = enteranment.

    it might be violent but so is prison rape… doesnt mean i wanna watch it.

  • glassjawsh

    watching hockey = lame
    going to hockey games = fucking tremendous

  • Reverend Clint

    thats like baseball… broing as fuck to watch on tv but fun to be at in person