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Oh yeah, there’s a Strikeforce event on Saturday

Strikeforce had a press conference yesterday for this Saturday’s Rockhold vs Kennedy event, and the main quotes coming out of it were about how no one cares about Strikeforce. Money quote from Tim Kennedy:

“Take a picture. There’s not a single goddamn reporter here. There’s four of you guys. This is two title fights for Strikeforce. It’s crystal clear that nobody gives a [expletive]. They don’t. I knock Rockhold out on Saturday night? Changes nothing for me. Nothing in, like, what media publications are going to cover me, who talks about me, sponsors I’m going to get. Do you know how much money I didn’t make in sponsors for this fight because nobody cares about Strikeforce? It’s insane.

“I’m fighting one of the best fighters on the planet. Not top 10 — like top five. I’m very confident that both Luke and I would clean house all the way to the top one or two guys in the UFC that could finally give us a fight, and nobody cares. It doesn’t make any sense. Just the ignorance of the sport and the athletes, there’s no way we can change that unless you let us fight other guys outside of the organization, and that’s just not going to happen.”

When one of your top guys often laments the fact that he’s in your organization rather than Afghanistan, you’ve got problems.

  • drunkenjunk

    he’s right. This fight should be on ppv in UFC, not in the minors.

  • Letibleu

    I think he posts here occasionally I remember him recognizing my Cockfighter tee.


  • Reverend Clint

    maybe an fx card but this fight is not ppv material and im a tim kennedy fan. Luke Rockhold needs to fight guys not named keith jardine to get into the ufc

  • drunkenjunk


    Matt Riddle vs Chris Clements and Kongo vs Shawn Jordan is on the main card of 149. Chris Camozzi vs Buddy Roberts and Shields vs Herman are on the main card of 150. I’m much rather see Kennedy Rockhold than any of those.

  • voice of reason

    defo not ppv

    and luke needs to get his head out his ass….TONS of ‘top guys’ from other orgs come to ufc and get owned badly. pride, anyone? kid yamamoto, wanderlei, crocop,akiyama,gilbert yvel, sokoudjou,mayhem, even jake shields…and most of the rest didn’t even do well enough to get in.
    the rest got exposed outside the ufc: fedor, aoki, …  UFC fighters really are that much better that when these ‘top guys’ from other orgs get in they get beat and disappear.
    They put JARDINE in  a CHAMPIONSHIP fight, for fuk’s sake. that’s how poor the talent pool is outside of ufc.inb4 ‘zuffa zombies’ 

  • Reverend Clint

    its a sad reality drunk that any of the fights you mentioned get to see the light of day

  • drunkenjunk

    ^^thats what i’m saying. I don’t really think this fight is that great or anything but riddle and cammozi? Riddle has been given easy, garbage fights and he still looks like ass. 

  • iamphoenix

    those 2 fights will be awesomes. fuck you guys

  • drunkenjunk

    fuck trashcanistan

  • ThePoopLiberal

    Whats “strikeforce”?

    A new seen on TV magic wrench?