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Okay, here we are!

Okay, so DNS servers around the world have updated and we’re now over on the super sleek server. While on the surface we’re still the same old and busted site, trust me when I say under the hood there is new hotness brewing. I was going to delete that test post, but you all have posted 1001 entertaining comments in there so I’ll leave it alone.

As an FYI, blogging resumes as normal in a few hours. Thanks for the patience and for the heads up on bugs etc. You guys are teh awesomeness!

  • KidNate

    Ha, do your worst Fightlniker — you’ll always have an inferior interface to the mighty BloodyElbow — we’ll concede your superior wit but the technology advantage remains OURS!

  • kermit_01

    Hey if your taking requests a wap interface for cell phones?

  • Swedish guy

    wap would be just too awesome, then i wouldn’t have to play tetris everytime i take a dump — instead i could check out t3h 5h17 @ hot!

  • Ted Dibiase

    i think i gotta take a dump now

  • fightlinker

    i bow to the Sportsblog nation!

  • fightlinker

    WAP will be coming … won’t be available when the site launches but by the end of November many portions of the site will be accessible via WAP and through cell browsers etc

  • garth

    flink: is that a re-re-relaunch? all these launches make me wanna launch

  • fightlinker

    There’ll only be one ‘launch’ … but past that we’ll constantly be launching new features that people ask for. We’re going for a ‘site for the people, by the people’ feel … well, for the smart people anyways

  • Swedish guy

    Welcome back, anyhow!

  • kermit_01

    Yea it made my day at work seem twice as long when I didn’t have anything to read..

  • fightlinker

    The solution is simple: get another job where you don’t have to work weekends!!!!

  • kermit.01

    Shit, why didn’t I think of that. I was just gonna go on welfare, but then I found out you can’t pay for broadband internet with foodstamps. Theres always a catch.

  • maafaka

    look at us linker, you’ve made us pathetic addicts to your verbal diarrhea…and we love it.
    keep on keepin on, we’re hooked.Soon enough, youll be able to ask for some money and alive women.