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One more of Gina Carano

Gina displays her dubious knowledge of how scales work by lifting one foot off during the weigh in. Although considering the scale looks like a $22 Wal-Mart one, maybe you can trick it that way. This fine photograph is by Greg Honda, who has a whole ton of awesome MMA pictures.

  • o51r15

    It looks like shes praticing her Crane Style. Maybe shes been training with Ralph Machio.

  • garth

    is she hotter on one foot? i think so.

  • garth

    i’m going to threadjack this and use it to put up stupid pickup lines, but imagine I’m saying them to Gina and then she punches my face so hard it goes out through the back of my head. that’s a good image isn’t it?

    “Hi! I’d like to take you home and wrap your legs around my head like a feedbag.”

    “Let’s have a look at that snatch!”
    (daniel tosh)

    “I’m going to rape you. Just kidding, can I have your number?”
    (burning in hell)

    any other contributions?

  • Matt

    She’s damn sexy, but she sucks at cutting weight..135? 140-141.1?

  • Adrian

    Damm Gina!
    Gina Carano is looking good tonight.

  • Stu

    It looked like she had downed a couple of Vodka shots earlier in the day when she stepped on the scale.

  • John

    what does she fight super heavyweight.

  • Jonathan

    I like the swimsuit and the nails matching colors. Damn she is hot.

  • Rollo the Cat

    She isn’t that hot. That’s the truth, sorry.

  • kentyman

    If you stand on your left foot, your right breast isn’t weighed.

  • Accomando

    “…She isn’t that hot. That’s the truth, sorry…”

    You are gay. That’s the truth, sorry.

  • BigFern

    true that…if i saw her at the club…probably wouldnt hit her up. she just has a lil something extra cuz she’s in MMA.

  • victorpoprock

    You guys saying that she isn’t that good looking are either gay or blind. You pick. She is drop dead sexy! I would pay some serious cash just to see her naked.

  • matt

    Soo hot want to touch the hiney

  • John

    how much do you think her boobs weigh

  • garth vader

    kankles. gross.

  • fightchamp

    Who’s looking at her toes?????

  • lickit

    women are hogs – sweaty hogs

  • Michelle

    Maybe she’s holding her left foot out of the way so the cameraman laying on the floor behind her can frame it?
    & Yes she is hot!

  • andy

    if you don’t satisfy her, does she kick yer @ss afterwards?

  • NYbigshot

    If she really wants to be like the boys, she would weigh even less without the top on…

  • Terry Hill

    You guys show your dubious knowledge of stepping on the scales yourselves. Any of you gay boyz every had to do it for a fight ? That is how you actually step on. One foot at a time. But maybe the know it all script writter has a new method on jumping on with both feet and hoping for an accurate read ?
    And yeah ,she is hot. Very hot . Not just the looks but the whole package. You gay guys should know there is more to he individual than just her night club apperance.
    Truth is , you couldn’t pick her up at a night club , cause she wouldn’t be talking to you !

  • JT

    I would be willing to get in the ring with her even if she did kick my ass, I would still get to feel of hers and a few other things. She is so sizzlin’

  • Betzel

    OK, she’s pretty, and not a glam girl, but she is super-toned & sleek-looking! I wish I’d ever looked that good.