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One woman does not a division make

I was looking over the conference call info for September 15th’s EliteXC show, and it got me thinking about their women’s division. First off I want to say hats off to EliteXC for bringing women’s MMA into the big leagues. With their marketing of Gina Carano they’ve managed to create a certain amount of legitimacy for fighting females. But now I gotta say this: if EliteXC is serious about promoting more than just Gina, they better get off their fucking asses and start booking more female fights.

So far the only bouts EliteXC has set up with women have all been for Gina. And they’re not just featuring Gina, they’re tailor made for her. Hey, I’ve got no issue with EliteXC developing their stars, but over the interests of developing a division? There’s tons of women out there who could literally rip Gina’s head off and shit down her throat. That alone would be worth the price of a PPV.

But fine … EliteXC wants to cultivate Gina’s talent so she moves past her ‘poster-girl’ status. They want her to develop into a true force in women’s MMA. Fine. I get it. I’m not demanding Gary Shaw sacrifices her to Amanda Buckner … but I do think it’s a shame that women like Buckner are stuck fighting in local shows and fucking Bodog. There’s no reason why Shaw shouldn’t be developing the women’s division in between Carano’s sparse appearances. Female MMA is one of the niches that the UFC has left open for EliteXC to exploit. And they should be milking it for all it’s worth.

So please … for all you ‘real media’ guys who are gonna be on this call: Can you please ask Gary why EliteXC has a Gina Division instead of a Women’s Division?

  • Matt

    I agree w/ you completely, but you have to admit she is fuckin sexy..

  • johnny

    one woman may not make a division

    but that one woman makes me large……… the crotch area.. HIGH FIVE!

  • steve24

    is it suppose to be ” one woman does not make a divsion??”

  • johnny

    “Can you please ask Gary why EliteXC has a Gina Division instead of a Women’s Division?”

    seriously, have you ever seen what Roxanne Modafierri (sp) looks like?

  • fightlinker

    I’ve got the eternal hots for Roxy. If I was single I would go to Japan and court her

  • johnny

    from what i hear, this chic…..errr, fighter tonya erringer is pretty tough. She is no megumi fuji but she is a tough fight for gina

  • fightlinker

    I don’t doubt that they’re putting decent competition in the ring … Kedzie was no slouch. But is the EliteXC women’s division just going to be Gina Carano vs Whoever once every four months?

  • steve24

    fightlinker: this is bugging the shit out of me. does your title make sense or is it just me? i swear its worded wrong.

  • steve24

    #8 – typo, the title does not make sense

  • Erin

    No, that’s correct. “One woman does not a division make” is a fancy-dancy way of saying “One woman does not make a division”.

    Fightlinker is showing off his wordy-ness.

  • steve24

    Thanks Erin: I guess im getting old!

  • Ryan

    #4 Johnny, how dare you question Roxy. You should be ashamed of yourself, she is cute w/o the glasses. And besides, so what if she doesn’t have time to put on makeup and wear contacts; she’s too busy making boys like you squeal and tap out like ninnies.

    Ah, I love her. :(

  • Jonathan


    Roxanne gets major hot love here at fightlinker.!

  • fightlinker

    Down the road I wanna start a Roxy fan club … we’ll sponsor her when she finally gets the call to beat the shit out of Gina!!!!

  • fightlinker
  • Mobb Deep

    Wow, Gina could put me in a triangle anytime.

  • johnny

    One time, Owen Hart did a interview and he was asked “What do you think of Dan Severn (as a worker)?”

    Owen,not one to say something bad about a person, skirted the question and said “Dan is a really good with a good sense of humor”

    Roxanne is a really good fighter

  • shanaconda

    The fight I want to see is LaRosa. Supposedly that is in the works…


    Gina can’t make weight under 140, which kills her chances of opponents, as the womens divisions are


    theres no one over 135. Tara is big dog at that weight but no way would she go up against as girl cutting from 155/more on hostile territory

    IMO we will never see Gina fight anyone of worth as long as she is with Shaw

  • Matt

    Carano vs Tonya Evinger..