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Only in Brazil


Remember Maquiel Falcao, that crazy Brazilian guy who was cut from the UFC due to some unresolved issues surrounding the assault of a woman? He’s churning away in the South American minor leagues, hoping for a chance to get back to the big show. While he’s still pretty fuzzy about the assault thing, he did fully explain why he went Donkey Kong on one of his past opponents after the fight was over:

But some Falcao critics don’t see it quite so simply. They point to a 2007 win over Leandro Gordo – in which Falcao had to be pried off his opponent by the referee and several others in attendance – as an example of what “Big Rig” is capable of when tempers flare.

Falcao admits he acted inappropriately in that post-fight meltdown but said there was much more going on behind the scenes of that matchup than most people know.

“Before the fight, he went on different radio shows to badmouth me and my family,” Falcao said. “He does this to intimidate his opponents, and with me he did it way more than usual. Before the fight, he scaled the wall of my home, stole my fight shorts and showed up wearing them on fight day. On top of that, he sent people to my home to threaten me. This made me lose my head.”

The dude. Climbed into Falcao’s house. Stole his fight shorts. And wore them to the fight. My god this Leandro Gordo!

  • iamphoenix

    nobody wears my fight shorts. nobody!

  • Omomatta

    Sounds like TUF needs to make a stop in Brazil.

  • frickshun

    That’s a pretty fuct up thing to do if true. Maybe I don’t completely hate Falcao…..

    Awww shit. I’m all about second chances. BRING THIS GUY BACK!!

  • Patrick79x

    Nobody fucks with the blue shirt security guards!

  • CAP

    If that’s true dude had it coming. PLUS, he bowed at the end…respect.

  • KeyboardWarrior

    Falcao also spotted him wearing his underwear after the sprawl. That’s when he loses it.

  • Billytk

    Normally I think Falcao is not worth the effort ever since he kept going after the fight was over in his UFC bout but in this case I’ll actually take his side not for the badmouthing him on Radio that’s part of the job but breaking into his home and sending people to his home threaten him is crossing a line and the guy got off light

  • fightlinker

    yeah if the threatening thing is true that’s too far. But the fight shorts theft, thats … just classic

  • Mixed Martial Adam

    @ Billytk – I’m not defending Falcao, but he actually didn’t keep going after his UFC bout (it was the first or second round where he held the choke long) as the time keeper screwed up by ringing the bell 7 seconds early. That would fuck anyone up, sinking a choke thinking you have 10 seconds left to finish and 3 seconds later the bell rings. The real shame in that fight was the third round where nothing happened – nothing.

    That being said, Falcao is an animal and probably too much trouble for a North American audience – same as Maximo Blanco. They both have trouble understanding the “sport” side of fighting.

    THAT being said, I’d freak the fuck out too if someone broke into my house, where my family lives, stole my fight shorts and wore them to my event – and I’m not a fiery Brazilian wrecking machine. If someone did that to Wanderlei Silva he would soccer kick their face off in the locker room way before they made it to the cage…and we would love him for it.

    However, something makes me question the validity of Falcao’s claims…

  • frickshun

    ^^Maybe he stole it off the clothes line…..poor people always have clothes lines.

  • DaddyPants

    i want to see a movie about this guy’s life.

    this song would obvioously be on the sound track.

  • glassjawsh

    you faggots act like youve never stolen another mans underwear before

  • SST

    I hope Jon Jones steals Rampage’s shorts and wears them to the fight. That’s the only time, I bet money on Rampage.

  • Redping

    come on guys, i’m not crazy! he stole my shorts, that’s what happened! I’m just a normal guy who gets angry if people steal his shorts. Ordinarily my fighting style is completely different, but I was in a linen-related rage like no race other than the brazillians understand

  • CAP

    He recognized those streaks.

  • frickshun

    Haha. Linen rage.