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Only the best for the first MMA superfight of 2013

Cage Potato takes a look at the Nevada Athletic Commission’s choice of officials for UFC 156 and what they find isn’t very positive: the fuck-up prone Steve Mazzagatti will be the third man in the cage for the Jose Aldo vs Frankie Edgar superfight. If that wasn’t enough to cause concern, take a look at who is judging:

Adelaide Byrd was the judge that recently scored all three rounds for Melvin Guillard in his one-sided loss to Jamie Varner at UFC 155. We’ll say that again, Adelaide Byrd scored all three rounds for Melvin Guillard at UFC 155. For those of you who didn’t catch that fight, we implore you to seek it out using whatever means possible, then ask yourself how someone who is paid to determine the winner of an MMA fight reached that conclusion. Oh yeah, and Byrd also scored the UFC 126 bout between Jake Ellenberger and Carlos Eduardo Rocha 30-27 for Rocha. So there’s that.

While she has been around boxing for a long time, Byrd’s MMA judging credentials are still something of a mystery. As are her Muay Thai creds:


Perhaps underneath those coke bottle glasses are the eyes of a martial arts master with deep knowledge across several disciplines? LOL just kidding. The NSAC is clearly putting unqualified people in important judging positions. What could go wrong having her judge the Aldo / Edgar fight?

  • drunkenjunk

    i don’t understand how these people can’t be fired or suspended. fuck you mine as well poll the audience to see who won.

  • frickshun

    That picture makes me LOL every fucking time!!

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    While I actually scored that fight for Melvin since he wasn’t getting hit, I don’t care about judging because I’m in the ‘don’t leave it in their hands’ camp.

    I’m actually just sad that we’re not getting any new judges. I thought this was like reffing and people just have to apply to their ACs. Where are the angry fans flooding the AC offices with applications?

    I’m lazy and don’t care, so that frees-up my time to blame all of you for the very judging you complain about. Plus, I get to complain about fighters not finishing fights. I’m fucking multi-tasking in the land of fandouchedom while y’all are spinning your wheels. Get to work people!

  • CAP

    If DW is gonna piss and moan about Maz he should do the same about this chick and give it some media attention.