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DirectTV gone and fucked up the announcement.

(thanks TIGERTAO, you are a true Fightlinker Jackal!)

  • jd


  • Shaun

    Just wait, one of them will blow out a knee in training and be out for a year.

  • pf

    im going to f*ck chuck

  • Tons

    This fuck up is classic bro. I started laughing out loud when i saw it at work and all my co-workers looked at me like was crazy.

  • MJC_123

    Finally…Thank fuck for this!
    Wanderlei to retire chuck!

  • Lifer

    Chuck to retire and coach an IFL team?

  • garth

    apparently they didn’t get the freakin’ memo. that’s awesome.

  • garth

    hey lifer, is the contact email on your site to you? i had a ? i wanted to ask

  • Lifer

    No it’s not to me, it’s my magic online clan leaders email! WOOT NERDS!

  • Frank

    Rofl. Somebody gonna geta sued reaaaaaaaaaaaaal bad… they cant do that thing where they run out of the first row and into the octagon and stare each other down. lmao.

  • pf

    of course they still can

  • dignan

    I like how the photoshopped Chuck’s ab’s.

    I will admit this makes the final show of the year much better. I laughed literally out loud when I saw them promoting the Hughes/Serra fight. Like any of us give a fuck.

    To tell you the truth, the only thing I have been interested in for a while is seeing Randy get beat down.

    Just IMAGINE this.

    #1. Directv doesn’t fuck up the announcement.

    #2. UFC ANNOUNCES RANDY vs. Josh Barnett, or Fedor, or Rampage…

    Now that would be fucking awesome.

    Chuck vs. Wandy? That mattered about 15 months ago.

  • ajadoniz

    omg, why?! don’t you know if you say Liddell-Wandy out loud that it’ll never happen!? great… you just ruined what was going to save the Dec.29 card, party pooper.

  • Diaz

    Nice fotoshop job. WanderRElei? lol

  • Beau

    Their UFC bundle deal is a bunch of bullshit. Granted I have comcast and not directtv but I would think the PPV cost the same. The UFC PPV cost me $40 a pop. $40 x 3 = $120. Their bundle deal for all 3 is $120? So a savings of $0 if you pay up front for all 3.
    Maybe the HD is a better deal. My HD PPV costs me $50 a pop. $50 x 3 = $150. Their bundle deal for all 3 in HD is $150 for a whopping savings of $0 if you buy them all up front.
    So what is boils down to is a marketing ploy to trick you into paying full price for UFC 78 so that you can get a tapout skull cap and ultimate knockouts 4 DVD.

  • marshal

    Maybe it’s for dumb people, that think PPV can sell out like the gate.