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Our favorite 2009 MMA Awards memories

The 2010 Fighters Only MMA Awards are happening tonight and I encourage everyone to check out the live stream on starting at 10:30PM EST tonight. Sure, there’s going to be a boiled down 1 hour version airing on Versus next week, but that would mean you’d miss out on many of the cringe-worthy moments that make the live show so magical. Here’s a list of the best (and because we’re Fightlinker, that sometimes means worst) parts of last year’s awards:

Arianny Celeste’s breasts
Since Arianny
Junie Browning’s terrible life
Less funny now that his five minutes are up and he still hasn’t managed to pull things out of a tailspin.

  • subo

    WORSTIES, boss. The people will accept nothing less.

  • dulljake

    That Junie Browning thing kind of makes me sad inside. You might as well make a War Machine “How to avoid Rape in Prison” video.

  • Symbul

    At least Mr. Machine picked a good profession to prepare him for the showers.

    Those bits were pretty funny.

    I wonder if the UFC will win promotion of the year.

  • Reverend Clint

    ^lol who would beat them? WEC?