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Our first look at Ryan Shamrock

Back at the end of August, Ryan Shamrock (son of Ken Shamrock) made his MMA debut. Up until this point there was absolutely no photographic evidence of the newest Shamrock, which sucked because reports had him standing nearly 6 feet tall at only 130 pounds.

Well, with the news that Ken Shamrock bundled himself with his son to sign a new contract with EliteXC, our favorite photographer Esther Lin was on the scene taking pictures for the press package that no one seems to ever get. Fortunately for you all I have her flikr account on RSS, and now I share this first look of Ryan Shamrock with you all.

  • Big D D

    watch out for those skinny crackers, they can scrap!
    oh BTW way to go Ken, can’t ride your brother’s coattails, so why not your kid’s!

  • kentyman

    I can’t help but read that as Hyan Shamhock.

  • Michael

    Wow, he managed to get a little chest hair before he hits puberty.

  • nem0

    Wow, so apparently learning martial arts didn’t teach him shit about good posture. Straighten up there, kiddo! No one likes an emo fuck!

  • Gaston

    Funny how he doesn´t have the energy to strike any kind of pose

  • intenso

    why isn’t Ken wearing shoes?

  • Lifer

    hopefully this new shamrock provides us with some more classic losses for the shamrock family.

  • Beau

    Well Ken is 6’1″ and his son looks at least 4 inches shorter so I’d put him at 5’9″. Not very close to 6′. And thus, the legend of the freakishly skinny tall Shamrock dies.

  • ilostmydog

    130 lbs hey? Gary Shaw better create a new weight class for him if hasn’t already done so.

  • fightfan

    AT least that would be a Shamrock vs. Shamrock family fight Ken could win. Then again it will probably be a close one.

  • jackal-shitstain

    Someone seriously needs to get that kid some steak and chicken fast.

  • Xavier

    Can’t wait to see this ‘tard get beat down.

  • suspiria

    no wonder Frank is the one who has prevailed over the years.He doesn’t share the same blood as Ken.