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Out with the old, in with the slutty

Okay, right on the heels of saying “bye Ali” we now say “Hello nurse!” to the new maybe-permanent ring girl. Here’s the deets on her:

Word on the street, her name is Edith Larente. Edith’s a Canadian, Montreal native, 25 years of age, and last night was in deed her debut.

Out of all the hot Montreal bitches, the UFC had to hire the one who looks like a spray tan Alanis Morissette. Oh yeah, and the one who also has a bunch of slutty pictures of her with grapes on her vagina.

I’m willing to bet that this chick has porn out there somewhere … Montreal is the Canadian capital for porno, and this chick definately looks familiar to me. I’ve probably already masturbated to her on one of the many Montreal based porn websites.

All in all, I give a general thumbs down. She’s got retarded bazooka breasts and her expression most of the time is akin to someone sucking on a rotten egg. She deserves to be one of those EliteXC dancing tramps, not an Octagon girl.

  • Big D D

    she is junk….and is welcome on my junk.

  • Mobb Deep

    This post is just more evidence of your gayness FL (the last evidence being your cock cake pic, which I don’t know were you came across it). Shes fucking hot, big breasts are hot, who gives a fuck about her expression with breasts like that.

  • marshal

    She’s perfect except for her face and breasts.

  • fightlinker

    That’s like saying “She’s really smart except she’s a moron and an idiot”

  • marshal

    I agree with the “EliteXC dancing tramp”.

  • marshal

    Austin Powers: “That’s not your mother, it’s a man, baby!”

  • Dru Down

    She’s really hot because she’s a moron and an idiot. And has bazooka breasts.

  • intenso

    I bet she feels empty inside.

  • fightlinker

    then go fill her up!

  • ABM!2!

    Implants are disgusting.

  • Lifer

    fuck fake titties. not literally.

  • Big D D

    fake titties are a sign of some sort of complex. sexy.

  • Mr. Theplague

    Not sure if I can post images again, but here’s a diagram I made of why Edith will fit right in.

  • fightfan

    I recommend that everyone go and check out the link FL put in the above post. That bitch is fine as hell. Well, at least her body is bangin…her face, maybe not much above average in the looks department

  • el feo

    she does look like big titty Alanis…she looked good on TV.

  • Jonathan

    She’s hot and I would like to have intercourse with her.

  • Lifer

    “her” body.. i guess she paid for it making it hers..?

  • LR

    Actually, I had a friend say she did some work with some porn sites when he saw her during the event. When I saw this post, I emailed him and he found this:

    Flashy Babes, I believe, has a porn element to it, hence the membership requirements. Definitely some nude photoshoots. Great job UFC, Jenna may now come out with Tito half nude and scare all of us.

  • marshal

    I think her and Jenna went to the same Alien spore face doctor. Tits were done by blown in insulation at a construction site. I’m not paying to see the botched vagina-plasty.

  • Mr. Theplague

    Luckily she’s had some work done since her little trip to Mexico. They’re cheap down there, but no Dr. 90210.

  • marshal

    HAHAHA Mr. Theplague!

  • marshal

    Mr. Ed will never die.

  • Hywel Teague

    A horse walks into a bar. The bartender asks “Why the long face?”

  • Swedish guy

    I’d touch her with a 25 centimeter pole.

  • Beau

    If you like this chicks tits then obviously you’ve never hooked up with a girl with shitty fake tits before. Sure they’re big, but they’re hard as fucking rocks. Whats the point of big titties if you cant squeeze them and they don’t bounce around. Silicon implants from a good doctor is the only way to go for fake titties. Jenny Mccarthy’s titties are a perfect example of a good boob job. This chicks boob job looks fucking awful. Not to mention she has an ugly horse face. UFC could do much better.

  • sb

    She ought to sue the cut-rate tata enhancer she got to rubberize her chest.
    Mr. Ed would be proud of the smile.

  • boshy claus

    lol you losers would bust a fucking nut if she put her hand on your thigh….

  • fightlinker

    I just consider her a-scum compared to Ali … look, see how she scum.

  • Swedish guy

    Was that supposed to be a pun? Damn it sucks not being a native English speaker. I guess I’m missing out on tons of original jokes, boiling and steaming of sexual wit here. Or perhaps just crappy puns. Either way it sucks.

  • BigFern

    fightlicker…why you hatin on tha poon man…i’d hit that in a flash!

  • Noob

    Haha. I like SwedishGuy. Uncertain of what’s going on, and sarcastic. Rock on my friend.

    And yeah, UFC can do better than this girl. Me hopes she’s just a temporary replacement on short notice. They can do better than this, much better.

  • Manoj

    Common, unless your gay everyone of you bad mouthing her would bust a nut before you could even pull it out if you thought you had a chance with her.
    Don’t like fake boobs but I’d squeeze those juggs till they popped. Welcome to the UFC!! Who cares if she stays just as long as they replace her with another bimbo!!