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Over an hour of Ronda Rousey judo action!

We’ve seen a grand total of 4 minutes of Ronda Rousey fighting in MMA over her four pro fights and two amateur fights. That’s not very long at all – I spend longer masturbating to my Ronda shrine every night (although I do stop every 30 seconds to insert another tack, which is why I last so long). This has raised criticisms from Ronda-haters that she is a one trick pony with no real experience. I guess she won that Olympic medal off pure sass alone, huh?

Speaking of Olympic medals, Iron Forges Iron took the time to compile and upload a ton of Ronda Rousey judo and grappling videos. So if you want to get to know Ronda better fight-wise, go check them out. If she doesn’t finish Miesha Tate off in under 2 minutes, you might see some of the techniques she’ll use during their fight.

  • Rye

    Just watched most of her vids at IFI and all I gotta say is if the fight (w/Tate) hits the ground, it’s fucking over. OVER.

  • fil

    “I think nine times out of ten, wrestling trumps judo.” – Meisha Tate

    Only problem is that this is probably true for men’s wrestling since men (boys) compete against the best since they were young.

    Women’s judo probably attracts more of the elite grapplers in the world and Ronda Rousey has been competing with elite female grapplers since she was a kid.

    Understood that Meisha trains with Team Alpha Male, so she has some great wrestling, but have to go with Ronda based on her experience on a much larger and international stage.

    This should be a great women’s fight.

  • McBayne


    unless she’s on her monthies, just got dumped, or some other girly reason, Rousey takes this handily.  

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    This was dope.  I mixed it in with educational stuff thorughout the day.

    So Her biggest hole is her striking, and Tate’s most likely gonna try and keep it standing and punch her way to a UD.  Ronda seems to still be getting a lotta black eyes, so maybe defense improvements aren’t coming along well? This would suggest a kick-heavy strategy is best?  Tate won’t wanna take her down off the kicks, and she’ll be able to keep Tate from getting her desired punching range.  Plus her gams are hella powerful.

    Any thoughts?

  • noiseless

    guise seen the sparring pics she twatted a few hours ago? hoooly shit what happened. bitch is LEAN!

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Dieting to get down to 135.  And she’s still got DAT ASS.

    It seems extra crazy after watching all those Judo vids where she’s huge.

  • Grappo

    she’s gonna truck miesha

  • CAP

    ^I think so too. Snooki better hope for a bad weight cut.

  • Abim

    not that it came out Cyborg was on rods when she fought Gina when they were sinadtng Gina had her dazed but Gina was tired from rolling around with her and she was sitting on top of her where she could ground and pound her but she got up watch the fight and u will see Cyborg been on rods she can’t bet Gina at all now Ronda might be a diff story but Ronda has no stand up