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Overeem fails at one-handed bra removal


Yeah, it’s apparently strange video day here at Fightlinker HQ. Between 80s karate raps, homosexual MMA rape, and our staffers drinking urine, it can’t get any stranger, right? Right??? Wrong, Sanchez. Here’s Alistair Overeem drinking a pint with one hand and unhooking bras off women with the other. Oh, and the women are all wearing animal masks.

I’m somewhat surprised at how bad Alistair is at one handed bra removal, a staple course all guys take during high school, college, and university. Perhaps he’s so used to women throwing their underwear at him that he hasn’t had to remove anyone’s clothing since he evolved from PRIDE chum to world champ. Or maybe they didn’t let him use his favorite technique: one hand on the bra, one hand on the face. Push. Pull. Success!

  • agentsmith

    Well that’s one thing that I can totally kick his ass at.

    And only a guy as scary as Overeem can get away with riding that 3-wheeled motorcycle.

  • CAP

    Reem ain’t worried about bras he just makes them panties drop.

  • Giallo

    I’m fucking jealous of foriegn tv, I want this kinda shit here

  • Joon4s

    He should try to knee them open.

  • CAP

    knees to the gunt.

  • G Funk

    My gaydar is bleeping. And it’s not just the haircut.

  • noiseless

    ^ yes, he is quite the small town boy