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Overeem tells his side of the story

So hey, Alistair Overeem was on “Inside MMA” the other night via the magic of satellites (or maybe just Skype), and I bet you’ll never guess what he talked about.  Here’s the main points of the interview:

  • Alistair repeats that he was originally “promised” that his GP semifinal fight would be in October, and when told it would instead be September 10th, he relayed that he would not be ready by then due to injuries.  Strikeforce threatened to cut him from the tourney, and he told them so be it.  Then SF threatened to cut him entirely, and he told them to go ahead… and so they did.  He then went to the doctor and got proof of his injuries, which comes in much less handy after the axe has already fallen.

  • The broken toe was actually pretty bad, and definitely hampered his preparation for the Werdum fight, but he went ahead with the fight anyway.
  • At around the same time, SF realized that he had only one fight left on his contract, so some contract negotiations ensued.  No surprise, the new contract was to be exclusive, thereby killing his K-1 and DREAM careers.  What was surprising is that it restricted him to Strikeforce only, and offered no opportunity to move to the UFC.  He found these terms unacceptable.
  • “Of course” he wants to fight in the UFC, but he says it’s a question of whether the UFC wants him.  Meaning if they want him bad enough to give him a non-exclusive contract, and I’m gonna go ahead and presume that answer is no.
  • He just heard about the rest of the Golden Glory team being fired, and doesn’t yet know what to think of it.

So nothing new here, except the part about his new contract apparently not allowing for s transfer to the UFC.  I doubt it would even need to be specifically stated in the contract anyway… after all, Nick Diaz had an existing contract, but they obviously worked around that.  I’m guessing it’s more a question of exactly when that transfer would happen, with Alistair probably wanting to make the move right after he (presumably) won the tournament, while Zuffa would probably want him to fight once or twice more and “clean out” Strikeforce’s division first.  But again, I’m gonna go ahead and presume the much bigger issue is his K-1 career.

Meanwhile, Dana was interviewed by Mauro Ranallo, where he stuck to his story about the payment dispute with Golden Glory.  He didn’t specifically address Marloes Coenen’s paycheck photo, but said that the fighters were being paid directly because the athletic commissions demand it, but Golden Glory told him that this could not continue.  Dana says he’d love to have Alistair back, but only mentions the paycheck thing in that regard, as if that’s the only issue with Alistair.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Did a guy who just finished bitching about scheduling changes and reliability say he wants to be able to get injured compete in other orgs?

    He’s either baked out of his gourd or still believes in Japan and/or ProElite.

  • Sodomize Intolerance

    I’d love to see Alistair back in the MMA circuit, especially if he ever rounds out his game.  But if I had just won a K-1 WGP, even with all the shit going down with Japanese combat sports, I would sure as fuck pursue kickboxing for now.  One could argue that he was a champion in MMA too, but he would likely only be a top contender in the UFC.  I’m confident Velasquez could smoke him, Carwin/Lesnar might land the big shot to put him away or out-wrestle him (we’ve seen him off his back in PRIDE…), and Dos Santos could out-class him on the feet.  I’d stick to being king of kickboxing, provided I was actually getting paid.  Plus, in Japan, he doesn’t need to worry about cycling times and rescheduled shows.  All you need to win in Japan is more steroids than your opponent.

  • G Funk

    The stretch-marks on his biceps are hawt.

  • Reverend Clint

    who cares what roidy mchorseman says

  • knopfauge

    is it just me or did i here him saying boxing one of the klitchko brothers??? 6:26

  • P W

    SI: “All you need to win in Japan is more steroids than your opponent.”

    In stark contrast to the UFC, where steroid abuse isn’t rampant at all. I mean, it’s been months weeks days, ehhh… about 24 hours since FL had a roid related post!

  • iamphoenix

    for P W

  • P W

    Chocolate chip? My favorite!

  • frickshun

    ^^WRONG. Looks more like “chocolate chunk”. Which is probably a good nickname for Toney.

  • iamphoenix


  • CAP

    goes the dynamite!