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Overeem / UFC rumors heat up

While it’s by no means a done deal, the big rumble rumble across the fight webs is that Alistair Overeem is uberclose to locking up a deal with the UFC. As evidence, I present to you little more than a forum post from Shane Carwin:

I had a chance to speak with [Overeem] at the Magic Convention in Las Vegas (no we were not the big and tall models) and he said that he and Dana were close to a deal and he would likely be in the UFC before 2012. I think he would make a great addition to the roster.

The guys over at are also hearing the same thing:

Multiple sources are saying that Strikeforce heavyweight champion, Alistair Overeem, is close to inking a deal with the UFC, exclusively.

Word is his debut is being targeted for the UFC 140 Toronto show on December 10th. As for who he’ll fight, only Dana and Joe Silva know. But Frank Mir is open to that fight:

“Alistair Overeem would be pretty cool if he actually came over. I think he’s a great fighter, I think he’s done a lot in this sport, his K-1 accomplishments, I think he’s an immediate threat. I’d like to test myself against him.”

Shane Carwin is also sitting around twiddling his thumbs. Twiddling them when he isn’t typing up salacious rumors about new heavyweight signees, that is.

  • Reverend Clint

    i hope dana didnt bend over backwards for the horse eater

  • CAP

    Smashing Mir would be a nice introduction to the UFC.

  • kvelertak

    When Overeem is champ and you’re all licking his horse meat balls I’ll remember all the hatin’

  • pewnt

    Fuck I hope he signs with the UFC. Lets see if he can earn his ranking position based on his accomplishments, and not on the Hype of his nut huggers.

  • G Funk

    Pewnani knows nuthuggery.

  • pewnt

    yup, I can spot an over rated fighter, and undeserved accolades a mile away….

  • CAP

    ^I know, there are plenty of them in the ufc.

  • mooliani

    hahahahahaha overeeem champ??? thats laughable he hasn’t fought ne one at the level of a ufc fighter if he does sign to the ufc his first fight should be against john madsen and after he gets destroyed by a third rate heavyweight the ufc can cut him and we cann all forget about the hype machine. PS. overeem cannot take a punch without cowering like a baby

  • pewnt

    ^Cap^ Yup, and they get exposed when they have to fight A, and B level opponents one right after another. Besides Brock (to easy, and for the record I like Brock due to the exposure he brings to the sport), who do you think are the most overrated right now ??

  • noiseless

    i would love to see carwin blast his way to the top, and stay there. he seems like a really really nice and likeable murderer.

  • P W

    At least Carwin is one step ahead of Overeem in that he actually have REAL tangible connections to steroid abuse.

  • CAP

    pewnt: Brock would be high on the list for sure. Bisping is another, for the hype he gets he should be fighting better comp, but we saw how that worked out. Mir has always had an inflated worth. Only in the past year or two has he added some decent striking to his game, he’s benefiting from being in the thin HW division but folds when he faces top comp. I may even have to put Forrest in this group too and some would say Randy but he has faced a lot of really good opposition.

  • Letibleu

    need someone marketable to non MMA people. An Olympian, Brock ect… Bisping no.

  • pewnt


    Bisping: I don’t think he is over rated. Over Promoted is more like it. Non Bisping nuthuggers KNOW that his “best” wins are Matt Hamill, Dan Miller and Chris Leban. He barely got the wins in those fights. He is a bottom of the top ten guy at 185 when he can put together a win streak (at best). He is in the UFC due to international (UK) Markets.

    Mir: I understand that his attitude makes it REALLY hard for a lot of people to cut him any slack, but I can due to seeing first hand what my sister went through when she had her knee destroyed. Nothing says fun like helping to carry people to the bathroom for six months. The Cruz, Christison, Vera fights I can look past due to “The accident caused a break in Mir’s femur and tore all the ligaments in his knee. The bone had broken in two places…”. Mir lost a lot due to the accident. Time he could have been developing new skills (like the striking you mentioned), he was using to learn how to walk again. I disagree with “folds when he faces top comp”, he kept his head together against Big Nog. I would put it more like he reverts to try to latch on to any submission when faced with adversity. When faced with someone who can stay out of his subs, and push the pace, he folds under the pressure.

    Randy is Randy. Dana loves him, fans pay to see him, and he was part of the Liddell, Ortiz, love triangle that really made the LHW division the UFC’s main draw from 2003-2006.

    Forrest, I compare to Clay Guida. A tough gatekeeper to the upper levels (top 3) of his division. They can put together good win streaks that can lead up to title contention, but don’t expect them to hold on to it long if they take the belt home. See Matt Serra….

    It’s no secret how I feel about Overeem’s ranking/attention from media/making promotions jump through hoops/not defending belts (see: I have a feeling that if Overeem does sign with the UFC we will see his record look a lot like it did when he was a LHW (even with the lower skill levels in the HW division). 2005-2007, 5 win 6 losses.

  • CAP

    Reem is not unbeatable but he is a serious force now as a monster HW. His biggest flaw is his defense he covers but still takes too many punches and some heavy hitters can take advantage of that. I think he’ll do much better than 5-6 though. He has the tools to beat any HW out there.

  • glassjawsh

    Pewnt – I think a lot of people discount what overeem did as a lhw because he moved up, the same way they brush aside what someone like omigawa or Brian stann did in higher than their current divisions. all of those fights you mentioned (plus his current streak against mostly sub par opponents) only proves that he’s largely untested at heavyweight. can’t wait to see him tested in the UFC. and for very different reasons, I’m sure you feel the same