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Overeem vs TBA

Undefeated in thousands of fights


Alistair Overeem vs TBA for Dynamite!! 2010. Who will it be? Duffman? 3 midgets? Japanese G-Cup girls? A horse?

  • Rodriguez

    TBA isn’t undefeated in thousands of fights, he always backs out like a fuckin’ pussy.

  • Letibleu

    I heard it might be Kyle Maynard.

  • Letibleu

    If this has already been denied, im sorry I have had zero MMA time today. My last minute hard on fight would be Semmy and Alistair using K1 rules. Imagine everyone’s jaw drop if it turns out it’s Fedor. I’m drunk and delusional.

  • agentsmith

    Duffee would be somewhat interesting. We know he can blast dudes right out of the gate, at least… just don’t ask him to go more than one round. Speaking of which, will they be doing the DREAM style 10-minute first round?

    Lashley would a very quick and frightening beatdown.

  • iamphoenix

    he should fight that other guy named overeem.

  • Symbul
  • Fedor.Hadouken


    Fuck yes.

    Would rather see this one fight than the entire ufc new years card.

  • glassjawsh

    ^ I hate you, i hate that i agree with you. I need to shower because all this hate is giving me mud butt

  • agentsmith

    “Would rather see this one fight than the entire ufc new years card.”

    Wow, I wouldn’t go THAT far.

  • Fedor.Hadouken

    Well, I want to see Gomi, but there is a chance Guida will hump him to death.

    Who the fuck is Brian Stann?

    Why the fuck is Brandon Vera still fighting?

    Don’t even get me started on the main event.

    Lots of good fighters, not really good fights, on the undercard but I won’t be able to see that until the next day anyway.

  • lukustra
  • P W

    Why did Duffee get kicked out of the UFC again? Too many good HW prospects?

  • Fedor.Hadouken

    He mouthed off about money to one of Dana’s wife’s friends.

    He’d been offered fights up until that point.

  • subo

    ^ He also took a role in a movie instead of taking a fight. You ain’t Rampage, son.

  • agentsmith

    “Bad attitude.” My understanding is he was talking shit about how the UFC was both paying and promoting him, while also turning down at least one fight for whatever reason. Considering he was coming off an embarrassing loss, yeah that’s some bad timing to be having that kinda attitude.

  • Fedor.Hadouken

    Embarrassing is a bit much. He was winning the fight for 3 rounds until he got caught.

    Is a KO right on the button embarrasing? Maybe.

  • NinjaCodah

    Embarrassing it was.


    I would hate to be so bitter and jaded to were I couldnt watch dope ass fights because they weren’t in the UFC.

    Alistair is one of the most entertaining and exciting fighters I have ever seen, and honestly, I don’t give two shits about who he fights, I just want to see him fight. I feel the same way about Anderson and Jose Aldo.

    I mean, for fucks sake, are you guys UFC fans or MMA fans? Who cares about rankings, I care more about watching fights that get me excited, and if the two people are unranked, so the fuck what.

  • Reverend Clint

    it was so entertaining to watch him knee cro cop in the junk

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    His Flying Dutchman (Tiger Crush) against whatshisface was a hoot. I don’t care what he’s ranked, I enjoy watching the man work. War SAGAT

  • Fedor.Hadouken

    Cro Cop had it coming.

  • Blackula Jonez

    The reem is the closest thing to an irl sagat we will get all he needs is to lose an eye and have machida scar his chest with a jumping uppercut

    Am I the only person who thinks frankie/gray 2 isn’t going to decision? Frankie has improved by leaps and bounds since they last fought I doubt the man who outboxed bj penn and escaped his back mount is going to lose to a man who beat lil diaz and roger huerta by split dec


    ^Yeah, but that and any GSP fight will always have the possibility of being very boring.

  • SST

    ^Not even looking forward to the Edgar/Maynard fight. Who ever has the upper hand, it’s going to points match.

  • subo

    Blackula – Frankie is going to get his ass kicked.

  • Symbul

    How’s Maynard gonna kick his ass if it’s glued to the mat?


    Either way, it’s going to be a terrible fight.

  • glassjawsh

    if “ass kicked” means “snuggled for 25 minutes in the most boring way fathomable” then you are accurate subes

  • Futanari Cum Dumpster



  • Reverend Clint

    ^what exactly is wrong with not liking boring fights? im here to be entertained, i dont care what sport you are into they are for entertainment unless you are actually participating.