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  • agentsmith

    Elle-eau-elle. Dude looked like the fat kid trying to “karate” someone on the playground.

  • Letibleu

    weeeeeeeeeeeee thonk.

  • randlemansvertical

    hopefully the chubby white guy will be Jones in the Vitor fight, he’ll try a spinning kielbasa flying uppercut and Belfort jesus fists him harder than a bentley smashing into a telephone pole

  • Reverend Clint

    flash knockout

  • theinsaneoneJustinMcCully

    too much tequila

  • drunkenjunk

    ha fatty falling

  • ChildKillerM16

    “… he’ll try a spinning kielbasa…”

    So your next attempt at obscuring your sexual orientation is “spinning Kielbasa”?!

    I dont really have a problem with anything except dishonesty.

    You can come out now.

  • ChildKillerM16

    “ha fatty falling”

    Hey look!

    The guy who typed out the N word 3 times in one post is speaking pseudo ebonics!

    Well that makes up for everything!

    Especially the whole killing people who dont look like you for a few bucks schtick.

  • theinsaneoneJustinMcCully

    I want a gif of solo spin guy on green screen

  • ChildKillerM16

    Cumjunky would fight a solo guy on a green screen,
    as long as cumjunky gets to bring his gun and body armor and the solo guy is a different color.

  • Reverend Clint

    childraper13 would go solo on a guy

  • G Funk

    ^ HA!