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p0wntown: Capoeira rides again

Saturday’s World Series of Fighting was pretty cool and included this amazing knockout from highly touted 145 pound prospect Julio Cesar Morceguinho. Too bad it’s stuck on NBC Sports, a channel six people get.

*UPDATE* Caster sez “That is from WOCS 28 (Watch Out Combat Show) not World Series of Fighting.”


  • Caster

    That is from WOCS 28 (Watch Out Combat Show) not World Series of Fighting. As for the NBC Sports Network, it’s in 77.9 million homes.

  • cdcw

    I like how even capoeira fighters are amazed when this shit works.

  • brent brookhouse

    I’m not terribly impressed by his opponent in the cornholio stance, but the misdirection of Capoeira is pretty slick.

    It looks like he’s going the complete other direction before you realize that the rest of him is whipping around right at your face.

    Those brazilians are filthy abominable perverts,
    but they can fight!

    Which is a combination to be feared.

  • Fightlinker

  • Rhymezbullet

    also dude he is not a prospect he has had like 20 fights

    you are an idiot man

    if you gonna run a blog dont make shit up!