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Danielle West subbing Irina Mollukwu in the Absolute finals @ the Grapplers Showdown No Gi London Open. Video here. I like her Scramble gear but nothing beats her old rashguard.

  • DJ ThunderElbows


  • ButtHorn

    That Black dude was totally checking out some hot poon across the street.

    This uh, judo or something is such a fucking distraction!

  • noiseless

    quite aokian

  • ButtHorn


    …but a good enough reason to…


    just let me uh…

    … leap on top here and then we’ll just figure out were it fits after that…

    I’m certain that it fits in there somewhere…

  • G Funk
  • iamphoenix

    more like POONtwon amrite?!!

  • raizor

    That’s fucking awesome! 

  • Pontus
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