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UFC Fight Night 37 Chat – Because What Else Are You Going to Do on a Saturday Afternoon?


Rory MacDonald Cracks His Tough Shell With A Twitter Joke

Rory MacDonald catches a lot of flack from MMA fans – and even media – in regards to how he answers questions.

However, MacDonald showed on Twitter that he does have a sense of humor. He just prefers to show it when he wants to.

MacDonald found his action figure but doesn’t think it looks like him. Instead, he believes it looks more like fellow UFC fighter Erik Koch.

Koch himself responded to MacDonald, writing back, “lol I have a action figure now!”

Thiago Silva’s Manager Thinks He Can Get Him A Fight? Say What?!?

Thiago Silva is out on $25,000 bail, according to a report from CBS Miami.

A judge granted the former UFC fighter bail, telling him he needs to stay away from drugs, alcohol, wear an ankle monitoring bracelet, attend anger management classes and be at his home by 10 p.m.

Silva was involved in a police standoff last month after threatening his estranged wife and Pablo Popovitch at Popvitch’s Brazilian jiu-jitsu center. Silva proceeded to barricade himself in his home before surrendering without incident to the police.

The initial judge, John Hurley, denied Silva bail after his first hearing. Geoffrey Cohen, another Broward County judge, granted Silva his release. Cohen disagreed with prosecutors, saying he didn’t feel Silva was a flight risk to return to Brazil.

Silva’s manager, Glenn Robinson, told the site “The judge made the right decision.” Robinson also said he is working to get his client a new fight outside of the UFC.

Beware of Secret Wrestling in Massachusetts

Sometimes the veil of ignorance that separates us knowledgeable fight fans from the general public is a comical one. Take for instance this little gem from Massachusetts, which is a warning by the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association:

In an effort to ensure the safety of our students, we wanted to pass along some critical information regarding a person trying to contact local athletes on Facebook. The person goes by “Manny Whelan” on Facebook, and he is offering local student-athletes money to “compete” in an “underground wrestling club” that is held in local hotels. It has come to our attention that this person has been contacting local male student-athletes for at least two years. This may not be exclusive to wrestling, so please inform ALL of your coaches, parents, and students.

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As Only He Can, Chael Sonnen Shoots Straight On TRT

Chael Sonnen understands that there are those in MMA who have used and abused TRT.

For Sonnen, the decision by the Nevada Athletic Commission – and the UFC – to ban the use of TRT hits close to home.

He has used the testosterone replacement therapy in the past, and told Yahoo! Sports that it helps him more than just as an athlete.

“My life is better,” Sonnen said. “My attitude is better. I have more energy. I need less sleep. It makes me feel better in many different regards. It makes me a better husband and a better neighbor and a better pet owner.

“I understand the abuse, but this is a medicine that helps people with a problem.”

Sonnen came right out when news of the ban was made public, saying that was that. He reiterated those remarks in the interview, stating, “they made no bones about it. It’s out.

“We all have to deal with that, whether we like it or not.”

Normally always chipper and upbeat, Sonnen is sure his life will change once again without the use of TRT going forward.

“The best way to describe it is that it is a completely terrible, horrible feeling,” he said. “This is a medicine and it’s medicine I need to live normally on a day-to-day basis. People say it is a performance enhancer, and there are a lot of things guys can take to enhance performance, but testosterone is more than a performance enhancer for me.

“It is a life-enhancer.”

One would have to wonder if Sonnen will try to find another supplement – that is legal – to take in order to remain active and healthy with his life, or if taking away TRT could speed up his retirement.

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