Fighter Craps Out of TUF, Settles for Fly-By-Night MMA Organization

In case you missed it (and since we’re talking about The Ultimate Fighter, which is now airing on Nickelodeon-4-Infants or the Black Entertainment Television channel or something, you probably did miss it), last night’s episode of TUF 18 saw one of its fighters fail miserably in his attempt to make weight. Cody Bollinger, who’s male and therefore part of the uninteresting half of the current season that often features girls getting beaten up, had to get down to bantamweight for his fight against some dude with impeccable eyebrows. Unfortunately, as he usually fights at heavyweight, Bollinger could not – like, really, he could not. Like, “crying in a bathtub, whimpering in a sauna, moping around on a treadmill” could not. So he gives up. Which led to Dana White lining up all the TUFers and berating Bollinger in front of them before giving him the boot.

(For a synopsis of the episode, go here.)

Did Bollinger screw the pooch? To hear White tell it, the bantamweight-wannabe not only took a dump on his own future, but the future of another fighter who could have made weight and run with the opportunity. Thankfully, we have Twitter to make these judgments for us!
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Quinton “Rampage” Jackson to Make Bellator Debut vs. Joey Beltran – Has the World Gone Mad?

First they tried to sell us on Rampage versus Tito Ortiz, telling us that it would headline Bellator’s first-ever pay-per-view event and that it would be all kinds of awesome. Then Ortiz broke his neck or something, and everyone was left wondering, “Great, but does this mean we’re still going to have to watch Rampage fight again?” Well, the answer is yes, and to make that “yes” an emphatic one, it’s just been announced that the former UFC champ-turned-UFC castoff will be facing another Octagon refugee in Joey Beltran.

Yes, the same Joey Beltran who lost in the UFC earlier this month. The same Joey Beltran who hasn’t won a fight since April, 2012. The same Joey Beltran who… ah, you get the point. Anyway, props to Bellator for finding two guys who still bear the scent of defeat on them and pitting them against each other.

Nam Phan Discusses His First Pro MMA Bout (Video Exclusive)

Ultimate Fighter veteran Nam Phan will return to the Octagon this December at UFC Fight Night 33 against Takeya Mizugaki.

Phan, who dropped his last fight to Dennis Siver via decision, recently talked with RM Sports about his first pro MMA bout.

After a 1-4 mark from 2009-11, Phan has split his last four bouts.

Robert Drysdale’s Urine Sample Grows Moustache, Smokes Cigars

You know your testosterone levels are abnormally high when you piss in a test tube and the test tube promptly grows a moustache, smokes cigars and demands to know what kind of scotch you have. Such is the case with jiu-jitsu stud Robert Drysdale, who’s 6-0 as a pro and was set to make his Octagon debut at UFC 167 – that is, until the urine sample he submitted to the Nevada State Athletic Commission began watching old Lee Marvin movies and talking about “picking up some whores on the Strip.”

As per MMAJunkie:

The Nevada State Athletic Commission has declined to medically clear the jiu-jitsu player turned MMA fighter to compete at next month’s UFC 167 event after an out-of-competition drug test revealed an elevated testosterone-to-epitestosterone (T/E) ratio.

Drysdale (6-0 MMA, 0-0 UFC), who was scheduled to meet light-heavyweight Cody Donovan (8-3 MMA, 1-1 UFC) in the Nov. 16 event’s first preliminary-card bout, was flagged with a 19.4-1 T/E ration, which is more than three times the NSAC’s 6-1 limit. He tested negative for a variety of steroids.

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Observations From My Couch: UFC Fight Night 30 – “Ultimate Urine Sample of Doom”
  • Jimy Hettes dominated Rob Whiteford so thoroughly, if they were in prison, Whiteford would forevermore be giving Hettes his commissary card, shining his shoes and tidying up Hettes’ cell.
  • That was a tough loss for Andy Ogle, but if this MMA thing doesn’t pan out, he’ll always have those royalty checks from the “Lord of the Rings” movies to fall back on.


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