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Boss Beefs with Best, Bades Him to Be a Man

This past week, erstwhile welterweight champ Georges St. Pierre resurfaced and fired off shots at his longtime employers, citing issues like lax drug testing as contributing factors to his exit. Well, last night at the UFC Fight Night 35 postfight presser, Dana White was asked his thoughts on the matter, and in typical Dana White fashion, no punches were pulled in his response.
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UFC Fight Night 35 Chat – Where The Cool Kids Are


Wait, Why Did GSP Leave the UFC?

Did longtime welterweight king Georges St. Pierre exit the confines of the UFC spotlight because he was tired of the rigors of championship-hood and needed a break? Or was there another reason? The passage of time since GSP’s sudden and shocking announcement of semi-retirement has enabled the dust to settle a bit, and now more information is surfacing.
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Insight into Foreign UFC Events

From the vantage point of the fan watching at home, a UFC event taking place in Las Vegas looks pretty much the same as a UFC event taking place in Singapore. Well, that’s by design, and there’s a lot that goes into making that the case.

The Las-Vegas Review Journal talked to the UFC about this very topic.
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Sara McMann’s Life Has Sucked Hard

Remember when the hype machine was in full-effect for Ronda Rousey’s UFC debut opposite Liz Carmouche, and we were inundated with Countdown shows that featured her sobbing about the death of her dad? Well, to Sara McMann, that would’ve been small potatoes at the buffet of sadness known as life. Since McMann has thus far shied away from the spotlight, and since she will be taking on Rousey for the belt at UFC 171 so screw hiding from that spotlight now, Marc Raimondi of FOX Sports did some digging. What did he find? McMann’s life has sucked. HARD.
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